I Will Not Cry on the Treadmill

First, and most important, the winner of the cookbook giveaway is….

BETH! From Beth’s Journey to Thin.

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Tuesday night I went to the gym after work. To be honest I’ve been in a funk for a few days. Last weekend when I ran my two miles on the treadmill my knee started to bug me. Not pain like I experienced with my ITB injury in September but uncomfortable enough to be frustrated. I haven’t been on the treadmill since Saturday and last night was no different.

I decided to skip the treadmill again last night. I didn’t want to have a meltdown on the treadmill because my knee hurt. I decided to do the new elliptical machine that I’ve grown fond of.

I tried to participate in the #fitblog Twitter chat but it was difficult on the machine. I was sweating buckets!

Last time I was on the elliptical (my first time trying this new one) I took it easy and only spent about 8 minutes on it. This time, I did 30 minutes.

Level 27 out of 100. I think it’s a good start. I burned 286 calories on the elliptical machine.

I didn’t have any knee pain on the elliptical. And I didn’t cry either! 😉 The rest of my workout was focused:

Weights: Arms, Shoulders and Abs

Core work

I alternated between doing crunches on this:

With doing the Russian Twist with this 8 pound Medicine Ball:

Then The Plank. I did a set of these three things for about 15 minutes before stretching, Foam Rolling, and calling it a night. Around that time, I got a text from Michael about dinner.

I’m in the green. 🙂 Basically we were going to make salmon patties and the recipe called for 2 cans of canned salmon. I’ve worked with canned salmon in the past making things like Salmon Loaf–and it turned out delicious. I guess Michael couldn’t handle the idea.

Gym Stats:

Time: 1:23

Calories Burned: 566

When I got home, Michael was working on “Plan B” and I immediately devoured my salad.

I added some Light Ranch dressing.

Michael blackened some salmon fillets and browned some French Bread.

He spread some Olive Tapenade on the French bread slices.

Then he topped the bread with the blackened salmon.

It was amazing! I loved this opened-faced sandwich idea. It was a bit messy but it was delicious! I loved the flavor combos. I never could have come up with this tasty idea. It’s giving me ideas for other open-faced sandwiches….

QUESTION: What’s your favorite open-faced sandwich?

The Portland Century

Michael and I are discussing doing the Portland Century in 2011.

100 miles on the bike.

Checking out the elevation map on the website gave me pause. It looks like the worst of it is in the middle of the race, and the last half is fairly easy. I will probably need to drive the race route before I can commit to it.

The most I’ve done is 55 miles. Reach the Beach this last spring was surprisingly easy for me. 55 miles was a good distance, the terrain was pretty flat and I was fast on the bike. But 100 miles? I’m not so sure I’d be as successful.

I am looking forward to training for some kind of cycling event with Michael, though.

I have to make a decision soon because I want to train on the bike trainer this winter. There’s a lot to think about, plan and discuss!

QUESTION: Have you ever biked a century?

Michael made sandwiches for dinner last night. Neither of us felt much like cooking and I wanted to participate in the Twitter #fitblog chat.

We had two leftover hoagie rolls. A little honey mustard, light mayo and topped with dry salami slices (4) and one slice of honey ham.

He added some chopped pepperoncinis (which I wasn’t quite sure about) which turned out pretty tasty.

I made us salads: green leaf lettuce, butter lettuce, baby spinach, chopped carrots, broccoli, Craisins and croutons.

Dinner was a nice comfort meal. What’s your favorite sandwich combo lately? I’m looking for good ideas!

#Fitblog was fun last night. I really liked the questions. If you missed it, here they are:

Q1) How much sleep do you typically get? What interferes with your ability to get the sleep you need? How does it affect your health and/or fitness?
Q2) Do you work out with friends or by yourself? What activities do you like to do in groups, and what do you prefer taking on alone?
Q3) If you could pick, would you have more page views or more comments? Do you value quality or quantity? Or do you not measure at all?
Q4) What’s on your bucket list? It doesn’t have to be health or fitness related – just happiness related! Do you set mini-goals or milestones, or just take things as they come?
How would you answer the questions?
  1. I sleep much better in the winter time. My insomnia seems to cure itself! (thank god!)
  2. For me me, I prefer to workout on my own. I like to go at my own pace, do my own routine and it’s harder to coordinate workouts with someone else. When it comes to cycling or hiking though, I want a partner! It’s more fun that way.
  3. I would rather have more comments than page views, honestly. I feel like the healthy living blog world is about forming a community, forming friendships and my hope is that my blog inspires people to form friendships! Comments mean a dialogue and eventually a relationship.
  4. I have a lot of Fitness Goals. I’ve been lucky to be able to accomplish a few of them already. My other life goals are simpler: marry the love of my life, have a family, have a happy household full of babies, puppies and my cats. 😉 Oh and I want to travel EVERYWHERE!

QUESTION: What’s on your life Bucket List?