Gimme Some of Your Tots

I had President’s Day off, so I enjoyed a three day weekend of sleeping in! That was pretty much the best part. I woke up between 9-9:30 a.m. most mornings and then laid in bed with Fat Kitty glued to my side deciding whether or not to get up and workout. I did. Saturday I went to the gym, Sunday I swam and Monday I hit the gym again. I was sore from Saturday’s lunges so I went easy on myself Monday. I did the elliptical but backed off the resistance (9 or 10 instead of the usual 11 or 12) and then did upper body weights only.

After my workout on Monday, Michael and went to lunch at the Nob Hill Bar and Grill over on NW 23rd. NW 23rd is a very trendy area–“Nob Hill” or “Snob Hill,” whichever you want to call it. There’s upscale boutiques, restaurants and consignment shops on 23rd. It’s a good place to window shop.

It was a gloomy, misty day in Portland. Michael had a Groupon deal for the bar–2 burgers and 2 drinks for like $10! It was a screamin’ deal. We both ordered the cheeseburger with bacon. My burger came with tots. It’s been ages since I had tater tots! It made me think of one of the greatest comedies ever….

I ordered an iced tea with my burger and Michael got a beer he called “the worst beer he’s ever had” and said it tasted like embalming fluid. It looked like a PBR (almost clear :P). Gross. I was glad I skipped it. We chatted about the plans for the rest of the day. We had IKEA on the brain!

I have no idea what happened with that picture of me. I think I was laughing mid-photo. Doh! At least my date looks cute. 🙂 Our burgers arrived and they looked epic. And I totally could not wait to have some of my tots!

How was the burger? It was good, it was just what I’d been craving: a messy, sloppy, juicy burger with “secret sauce” and so much lettuce it was falling out with each bite!

It wasn’t the best burger I’ve ever had like some of the Best Burger Contenders here in Portland, but it was definitely a step up from any fast food burger. For a dive bar, that burger was pretty awesome! And the tots? Even better! They must have been fried in something delicious because there was a hint of something else–Michael thought fish and chips. Who knows? But they were good tots.

I ate about half of my tots and I was so stuffed I couldn’t continue. We finished up our lunch and then headed back out into the misty afternoon. NW 23rd is always crowded with people. There’s some cute art on the streets too.

After walking around NW 23rd, we headed back to the car and went to IKEA–where we spent the rest of the afternoon.

We got two new vanities for both bathroom remodels, and a new lightbox for me. It’s actually a kitchen cabinet (white) that we’re turning into a lightbox. Michael and I spent the rest of the evening working on assembly.

Maya Update: On Sunday I decided that we’d try and feed her the wet food BEFORE the medicine administering. I wondered if the medicine was making her not want to eat. I was right. Feeding her before giving her medicine made a huge difference. She slurped down the food like she was starving, then I’d grab her and Michael gave her the medicine. We’re done giving her pain meds, now it’s just antibiotics. She seems to be doing really well. We have a follow-up appointment on Thursday for the vet to check her gums and make sure they are healing and to give her the rest of her vaccines.

QUESTION: Did you have a three-day weekend? What was the highlight of your weekend?

My Poor Little Maya

You may not know it, but I have two cats. The one that’s on the blog so much is Fat Kitty and that’s because whenever I am home, he is glued to my side at all times. Maya, on the other hand, is a skittish, shy, quiet little girl that prefers to hide under the bed whenever we are around!

Thursday morning, Michael and I got up early to chase Maya all over the house to try and catch her. Michael took her to the vet Thursday morning to get her teeth cleaned and to have a chipped tooth looked at. It’s been chipped for about 2 years but she was eating so I thought she was fine. She didn’t seem to be struggling to eat the dry food so I figured the tooth wasn’t bothering her and the vet wasn’t overly concerned at her check-ups. I watched her eat for signs that she was struggling or in pain and she didn’t seem bothered.

They put her under and cleaned her teeth, got her x-rayed and checked the tooth. They said when she  was under anesthesia they tested the tooth for hot/cold sensitivity and she flinched! Under anesthesia! So that meant the tooth WAS infected. They also found the start of another tooth having issues. They ended up pulling two teeth. 🙁 My poor baby! She has to be on pain meds for a week and eat wet food for awhile.

I feel so bad that she’s probably been in pain with that tooth. I’m now thinking that she’s been eating the dry food on the other side of her mouth (the side that doesn’t hurt). I feed them both mainly dry food and it honestly didn’t look like she was struggling. I’m such a bad mom!

When I got home from work I held her and gave her lots of loves (and lots of apologies!). I’m kind of glad that Michael is home and around to watch her while she heals from this.

I walked in the door and saw Fat Kitty perched on the kitchen counter like a gargoyle. That meant Maya was under the dining room table. He jumped down and started hissing violently at her. This is not the norm! But it happens when one of them goes to the vet. I think they must smell differently? And that freaks the kitties out. So basically all night was spent keeping Fat Kitty away from Maya because he would just hiss at her.

Michael and I have to chase her twice a day to give her the medicine. She is NOT having any of it! I keep telling Maya it will make her feel good but yeah…she’s a cat. She rolls up into a ball like a potato bug and refuses to open her mouth.

It took some time but we managed to give her the medicine. Then she gets locked in the bathroom with the wet food because she can’t eat dry food for two weeks. My poor baby girl!!

My evening was spent chasing Maya, giving her medicine, calming down Fat Kitty, and finally sitting down to dinner and one TV show. Exhausted!

QUESTION: Have you been through this with your pet? Tips?