Yoga Night

I’m currently working on creating our 2 week plan for Reach the Beach. Week 1 will be the Low-Carb Week and Week 2 will be Carbo-loading. I’m including in our 2 week plan our exercise schedules and tapering schedules. It’s quite the task! I decided that I’m also going to schedule 2 days a week for yoga. No matter what. We are both pretty tight in the legs and desperately need to increase our flexibility.

Last night was our first attempt at doing yoga. I tried to find a yoga show on our On Demand but was unsuccessful so I resorted to some random yoga show on Netflix.


This was Michael’s first time doing yoga so we only did about 20 minutes of it. It was fun! I’ve taken a bunch of yoga classes over the years and once I started doing it again last night, my body seemed to remember what to do. Some of the positions were definitely difficult for us. I am glad we started now!

After yoga, I showed Michael how to do the Foam Roller. I absolutely love the Foam Roller now that I do it consistently. It feels sooo good on my legs!

For dinner we made turkey burgers on sandwich thins.

Sandwich Thins
My Turkey Burger

We baked a side of seasoned fries too.


Last night on Twitter was a #fitblog chat. I am always late to the game and somehow never see the reminder for #fitblog. But it was so much fun to chat with other healthy bloggers! I’m looking forward to the next chat.

QUESTION: Do you think yoga is hard? Did you participate in #fitblog chat?

Yoga & Runners

During my last massage, the masseuse asked me if I was a runner. “Why?” She said that my leg muscles were tight like a runner, and she said she could have spent the entire session on just my lower body.

Not good!! I have a confession to make: I am horrible at stretching. I stretch after running but not nearly enough. The recent soreness of my knee reminded me that I need to take care of my body. The possibility of being sidelined for weeks or –SHUDDER– months, scared me! Time to make a change!

Running causes a tightening and shortening of muscles and if not fixed with stretching, it can cause serious injury. A lot of times, I feel tight and stiff after a run. I assumed that with my swimming I was OK–that stretched out my long muscles enough and relieved the tightness. Which is true. But not enough!

Last night, feeling down about my sore knee and stressing about when I could run again, I did yoga after work. I set up in the living room (picture above right) and spent about 25 minutes doing yoga poses and stretching. I used an iphone app for yoga to help remind me of poses. And yes my kitty helped me with the yoga! 🙂

I felt so much better afterward! And waking up this morning, my knee pain was gone! I am going to try and do yoga at least once a week. I might incorporate it into my routine on Rest Days. I’m also going to look into local drop-in classes.