Game Night And Snacks

We were all pretty pooped from the day of hiking and wine tasting. We picked up food from the store and headed back to the house to play games and have snacks. Rachel recently joined Weight Watchers, and since I’m on my own program, we got some healthy snacks.

Baby carrots, sliced cucumber, sliced orange peppers, reduced fat Wheat Thins, hard salami cubed small, and hummus. Very tasty snack!

I love hummus! We played games and relaxed and then Michael made turkey burgers for everyone!

Turkey burgers are much lower in calories and I think they taste better than ground beef. Michael calculated the turkey burger patties to be about 170 calories each (plus the toppings, etc).

I used mustard on the sandwich thins and a mixture of lettuce and sprouts, a tomato and some cheese. Delicious!

Very filling dinner!