Note to Self:

NOTE TO SELF:┬áJust because you have extra calories left over for the day, does NOT mean you need to eat them all…


Now that I am home from vacation, summer is drawing to a close, I’m trying to get back on track, I need this reminder every once in awhile. I’m back to paying attention to portion control and staying in my calorie range every day. So why do I self-sabotage and eat MORE calories than I need?

Sometimes we all need that reminder….(NOTE TO SELF: in order to lose weight, we must create a DEFICIT of calories. So stop eating the “extra” calories earned!)

In the same vein, that message is hard to tell myself when I am FAMISHED. Seriously, stomach growling, gurgling, nauseated hunger. I hate that! That’s how I’ve felt this week. My food choices have been very healthy! Lots of fruits and veggies as snacks; I’ve been guzzling water like mad; we haven’t been eating out. Good choices.

So why am I so stinking hungry? I’m guessing it’s the weather change. And I felt it Wednesday morning when I got on the bike at 7am to ride to work. 55 degrees. I was FREEEEEZING.

Which sounds like a big, fat whine compared to Lori at Finding Radiance….her first “fall” ride was 36 degrees. Brrrr. Okay, so maybe my 55 degrees wasn’t that chilly; it sure felt that way, though, so I biked a little bit faster than I should have just to warm up my shivering body.



Despite being freezing (I should have worn more layers) and grumbling as I got up earlier than normal to hit the road, I was glad I did it. Biking to work is the best way to start the day. I am refreshed and energized and happy! The ride home was a little more comfortable:


While the ride home was warmer and nicer, my knee was bugging me and my back felt really tight. So all in all the ride home was “meh” and sadly, it might be my last right to work. The weather here in Oregon is getting “iffy” and inconsistent. I’m just not gonna ride in the rain!

In other news: Michael and I are serious about a dog now. I have a few feelers out and have been chatting with two different foster moms about the dogs. No news yet and no idea if we’ll get a chance to meet the dogs. I told Fat Kitty we might be getting a puppy and this was his reaction:

He’s not enthused. I know it will be a BIG change for the kitties. I have many, many reservations about getting a dog. Will the cats be miserable? Will they start acting out? Will the three of them get along or just cause me stress and anxiety? Like I said, no news yet and I’m trying NOT to fall in love with the pictures and video clips the foster moms are sending me of the dogs….!

It’s hard.

Note to self: be patient.

Back to the Future

Awhile ago there was a really fun #fitblog chat on Twitter hosted by Jack Sh*t. If you haven’t checked out his website or follow him on Twitter, I suggest you do because he’s absolutely hilarious. Here is just a taste of his wicked sense of humor:

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If you missed the fitblog chat he hosted, I’m going to share the questions here. It was a fun topic and really made me think about where I see myself in the future.

Q1) If you could go back in time, what advice would you give your parents on the day you were born?

I would ask my mom to not give me a food or body complex. I’m sure she thought she was helping at the time but her comments really did the opposite. It made me rebel against her restrictions, I’d binge eat at friend’s houses and sneak and hide bad food. This wasn’t a healthy way to grow up. I never developed a healthy relationship with food or exercise. I hated soccer and gymnastics but my parents made me do it, thus it felt like exercise was punishment.

I would ask my parents to actually TEACH me how to eat a healthy diet and learn what calories really mean. Sure it seems like a “duh” kind of a thing but I really, honestly had no idea what “eating healthy” meant until I started counting my calories.

Q2) What advice would you give your teenage self?

I would tell my teenage self several things. The first thing is that FOOD IS NOT THE ANSWER. Food is not where I should turn when I’m angry, sad, grieving, etc. It may temporarily salve the wound but it’s not a real fix and just leads to more problems.

I would also tell myself that exercise can be fun. It doesn’t have to mean torture and humiliation in gym class–it can be something fun if I choose the right activity.

Q3) What advice would you give yourself one year ago today?

I would tell myself last year to learn how to stress less about the little things that don’t matter, learn how to relax, learn how to take a break without stressing out about it. I would tell myself to do more yoga and just live in the moment. Something I struggle with.

I would also tell myself to do more fitness events, even if they are smaller goals I want to achieve. Sometimes it really is about the journey and not the finish line. I wish I had done a few 5k races this summer, and a 50 mile bike event or two. That’s my goal for next summer!

Q4) You visit yourself one year from today; what happens?

My sincere hope is that I have my book published, or in the process of being published.

QUESTION: How would you answer these questions?