The Hulk

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Wednesday after work I went to JCPenny’s to do some shirt shopping. I had a coupon and I need some new workout shirts. I really loved the new one I got about two months ago so I wanted to get a few other pairs. Hmmm. Who knew clothes buying was going to be so difficult? I’m kinda starting to feel like The Hulk.

I tried on some workout shirts–about two months ago I was wearing a medium–and the medium was too tight! Not too tight in general, no, it was specifically too tight in the shoulders. I was having difficulty getting the shirts on. Once the Medium was on, it was loose -fitting everywhere except my shoulders and chest. In fact, the shirts were baggy but tight in the shoulders. What the hell?

As a swimmer I’ve had to deal with clothes not fitting right for some time. Once I reached my goal weight (150) and surpassed it, my body shape hasn’t really changed much. I’ve been the same for awhile and my shoulders–while broad swimmer’s shoulders–were never really a problem. I was able to wear cute blouses and shirts in a Small or Medium size–sometimes even an Extra Small depending on where I was shopping. This is the first time in a long time where clothes just weren’t fitting right.

I left the store with two workout shirts and a new blouse. After trying them on again at home I have to return one workout shirt because it was just too big! It’s like wearing a mini dress. I got home from the mall and we ran to Beaverton for an errand and then to Hopworks for dinner.

Michael thought it would be fitting in honor of the Tour de France to go there because it’s decorated with bikes. (Want to see what the professional cyclists are eating to keep from bonking? Click here!)

We sat in the bar, which was packed, and all the TVs were set to Tour de France! We got to watch the last part of the stage while we waited for dinner. It was a close one with Cavendish squeaking out a win with his old teammate right behind him!

I tried a sample of their Pale Ale but it had a funny aftertaste I didn’t like.

I decided to go with the IPA instead. It was a very strong beer, with a grapefruit flavor to it. I love grapefruit, so I was okay with that.

We ordered a Medium sized pizza: half pepperoni and black olives and half margherita.

First, I’m glad we ordered the medium. The slices were the right size. Second, the pizza wasn’t greasy at all, so that was nice.

I loved the margherita! The basil was fresh, the tomatoes were flavorful and there were cloves of roasted garlic. The crust had large sea salt on it. That was my favorite pizza. But you know what? Michael and I both agreed that after months of us making our own pizzas, we kind of prefer our own! Never thought I’d say that but it’s true!

I will say that the Hopworks margherita gave me ideas for own pizzas at home. I will be trying to recreate their version of it now. It was a good night with beer, cycling and pizza.

QUESTION: Have you noticed any changes in your body lately that you weren’t expecting?

Operation Awesome Abs

After my breakfast I happily headed to the gym to do my new Saturday Weight Routine. A few weeks ago, I had Michael take some “Before” photos of my trouble areas. My goal is to work on those areas while I can’t run. I’m not sure yet if I will ever post those “Before” photos. The “Before” of my arms are okay–just a bit flabby. But my stomach is the part that I hate the most. I want to tone up my abs and actually have some definition there. At least that’s my focus for now.

I’m targeting my upper body right now and trying to focus on toning my arms. To do that I’m doing the arm machines at the gym and then doing the abs, then back to the arms and so on. The Lat Pull Down works the biceps and the sides of my body which works both of my target areas.

I warmed up on the exercise bike for 15 minutes before hitting the weight machines. Luckily I was feeling really good — no muscle soreness — and I felt good as I lifted. To work my “Lunch Lady Arms” dilemma, I’m doing a lot of machines that work my triceps.

I did my routine: 2 sets of 15 reps on each machine. The weight depended on the machine and the part of my body I was working. My biceps are much stronger than my triceps. By my third time around the circuit, my muscles were starting to shake. What a good feeling!

I used a new machine too. It’s the Pec Fly machine that works either the front or the back depending on how you sit in it. I’d been too intimidated to try the machine because I couldn’t figure out how to use it. I watched other people use it but everyone used it differently! A co-worker of mine used to be a body-builder and she gave me some tips to reach my goals. One of the suggestions she gave me was that Pec Fly machine.

I figured out how to use it and it went well! It felt good too, and I will be adding it to the routine.

Next up: Ab Work. I did the crunches with the half ab ball.

The crunches were burning but it felt good. I also used the medicine ball.

If you ever feel like doing ab work isn’t a good workout, give that move a try! You’ll be sweating in no time! My heart rate increased and I was definitely sweating. I had planned on canceling my personal training session scheduled for Tuesday with Ding-Bat Trainer but when I got upstairs she was with another client and no one else was around. Damn! I’m going to have to take care of it soon.

I did very gentle weights on my lower body to test it out and see how my knee feels. I guess I will know tomorrow.

Gym Stats:


Calories Burned: 500

After the gym, Michael and I went out to lunch at Hopworks. It’s a gorgeous day in Portland–almost 80 degrees! We got a seat outside in the sun and enjoyed the afternoon. We ordered the Pint O’Pretzels for an appetizer. It came with some spicy mustard and really hit the spot.

I ordered the lunch special: 1 slice of pizza, salad and a diet soda.

Everything was delicious! Now, out to enjoy the sunny day!