Mother’s Day Weekend

Have I mentioned that our life is crazy right now? Geeeez… So we are house hunting, but the “season” hasn’t really started yet. Like in a month or so it will really ramp up and we’ll start seeing more options. We’ve seen some houses that are close but not quite right (I mean, one house the neighbor had a rooster…!).

But in the meantime while we are sort of house hunting, we are trying to get our house ready to go on the market as soon as we find something. So every spare moment I have I’m painting. Doors, trim, whatever needs to be done.

Last week I took Thursday off for a few reasons. First, I did some painting (doors and trim) in the morning. Then I went to Logan’s daycare/school for a mother’s day event (so sweet). Then I got a chance to decompress with two friends at Stoller Winery. We packed a picnic lunch and just chilled for the afternoon in the sunshine. It was magnificent! I REALLY needed the downtime.

Friday I got off work early to do more painting and then clean the house (and then we looked at a house–the Rooster House!).

On Saturday we were both up bright and early because we are both so stressed right now we can’t sleep. LOL (sad face) I went to the gym and then came home to clean up and get ready for a Mother’s Day lunch event at our house. My parents came down from Seattle. Michael’s mom and stepdad, sister and brother came over too.

Michael smoked a tri-tip steak on the Traeger grill. I made a salad. Michael’s sister, who is amazing, brought her famous deviled eggs and made a cheesecake from scratch! My favorite!!! Michael’s brother brought champagne and orange juice for mimosas. It was such a nice Mother’s Day lunch!

I was off the diet for the day. 🙂 I’m good with that. The food was so good! The cheesecake was to die for! Logan gave me a gift and a card. 🙂 After a little while, everyone left but my parents. They were staying the night to babysit the little Bug so Michael and I could go and relax a bit.

For our anniversary, Michael got my a gift of a night away. We FINALLY got to do it! I suggested we stay at the McMenamin’s Grand Lodge in Forest Grove.

We’ve never been there before. We usually stay at Edgefield. But we had to pick up our wine (membership shipment) at Montinore Vineyards:

So I thought, why not combine both? So we stopped at Montinore first. Did a wine tasting, picked up our wine, then checked into our room at the Grand Lodge. We got a room with a bathroom, which is a nice treat! Usually McMenamin’s is “European Style”, which is fine, but I liked having our own bathroom.

We dropped our stuff off in our room and then got dinner. Since I was off the diet for the day, I got the fish n’ chips (small plate) and it was delicious! Deep fried carbs! YAY!

Then we changed into our swim suits and grabbed our bathrobes from the room, got drinks from the bar (I got a Mai Tai–channeling my inner Hawaii) and headed to the Japanese Soaking Pool.

It was absolutely AMAZING. We spent over an hour in the soaking pool. It was small, not as good as the Edgefield Pool, but still really nice and relaxing. We just chilled with our beverages and relaxed and talked. It was fairly quiet, surrounded by trees and bamboo. I needed time to relax!

We both slept like the dead that night. I wish I could have slept in. I mean, lately, since we have started the house projects/house hunting, the moment I wake up in the morning I am awake. My mind starts racing. I start thinking of all the things that need to be done. 🙁 I used to be able to sleep in a little, or at least on the weekends go back to sleep…not anymore!

We got breakfast, I got the smoked salmon hollandaise. I got fruit instead of hashbrowns and didn’t eat the bread (back on the diet!).

Then back home to work on house projects! So busy busy busy weekend. But fun!

Hoppy Easter!

My little Easter Bunny had a GREAT weekend! 😀 The zoo and then Easter! We dyed easter eggs Saturday night. It was the first time for Logan.

Sunday morning Michael and I got up early and hid eggs around the house and then got Logan dressed and told him to find the eggs! He was so excited! It was cute to watch.

He found all his eggs and then found his basket. A friend gave me an Easter book that I put in his basket. He had a chocolate bunny, a new matchbook car, a small Elmo, a matching game, and a car from the movie “Cars.”

Seeing the joy on his face was fantastic. <3 He had candy before breakfast, of course. 😀 And played with his new toys. I went to the gym and then we went to Michael’s mom’s house for lunch. There were more eggs to find there!

She made her usual Easter fare: a cheese and potato casserole (which is good but I skipped because it’s not on the diet), and a crab and egg casserole that is sort of on the diet so I ate that. Plus she made a ham and had fruit salad (I had the strawberries from the salad), scones (I skipped those) and deviled eggs. Michael’s sister makes the deviled eggs and they are always great!

So except for some of the candy I swiped from Logan (ooops), I was on the keto diet for Easter.

For dinner, I made a Cuban Picadillo. Awhile ago I tried the Skinny Taste version and I liked it but found it a little bit on the plain side. So I looked for a different recipe to try. I used this recipe.

Verdict: DELICIOUS! I liked it a lot better than SkinnyTaste’s version. It had a lot more flavor.

So here’s the part where I talk about where I altered the recipe. 😉 Only because I started cooking and realized I didn’t have everything I needed! I didn’t have a green pepper so I used red. I used 80% beef instead of 90% (keto). I used red onion because I happened to be out of all other onions! I always have tons of onions, I don’t know what happened.

Anyways, the dinner was excellent. Topped with fresh cilantro, avocado and sour cream.

I would definitely make this version of the recipe again. I thought next time it needed it hint of lime. So I’ll add lime juice. Other than that, it was excellent! Would make again for sure!