The Wedding Details – Part 2

(You can read Part 1 here.)


I want to say a big thank you to Rachel & Jeep who had my camera for 90% of the event. Jeep took some fantastic photos, and some goofy ones. I am just glad he got some! I didn’t want to wait 6-8 weeks to see photos!


Okay, it’s time.



So the music was starting and I was watching from behind the door so no one could see me (I also filmed it with my phone and posted it on Instagram if you follow me). The music for the wedding party was All You Need Is Love by the Beatles.

Michael walked his mom down the aisle to her seat. Then my brother walked my mom and grandma to their seats. Then the wedding party walked down. Finally, our ringbearer Hans (7 years old) walked down. He looked so cute in his little suit with a tie matching all the guys and converse shoes like the guys! He did a GREAT job. I was a little nervous because he’s high energy but he did a fantastic job and didn’t run down the aisle. πŸ™‚


The coordinator shut the doors after everyone was inside and then there was a pause and my music started.


She opened the doors when my dad and I were in place. I walked down the aisle to this song- More Than Life by Whitley.


It was seriously all a blur. My dad walked me up almost to the altar and then him and Michael shook hand and Michael led me up to the altar.

My friend Samantha came up and did a reading. Here it is:

Hindu Love Poem

Let the earth of my body be mixed with the earth

my beloved walks on.

Let the fire of my body be the light in the mirror

that reflects his face.

Let the water of my body combine with the water

of the lotus pool he bathes in.

Let the breath of my body be air soothing his

exhausted limbs.

Let me be calm sky over my beloved.

Star pronounced us husband and wife, the song started (Let My Love Open The Door by Peter Townshend). Michael leaned to kiss me and I reflexively put my hand to his chest and said “She didn’t say it yet.” It was a funny moment. THEN Star said “You may kiss the bride!” And we kissed. πŸ™‚

We walked down the aisle and into our room (where Michael stepped on my dress!) and we had about 3 minutes to ourselves. Then the caterers brought in a plate of the appetizers and two Ninkasi Total Domination beers for us.

photo 2

photo 3

Our caterers were Grand Cru Hospitality. They were absolutely fantastic! I cannot recommend them enough. They were my favorite wedding vendor I interacted with during this whole thing. They were easy going, unobtrusive, on top of everything, laid back but organized. The food was outstanding–the wedding day was just as good as our private tasting a year ago. The appetizers were:

Dungeness Crab Cakes with Guajillo Chile Remoulade

Country Bread with Forest Mushroom Fricassee, Sherry and Goat Cheese CreamΒ 

Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta with Genovese Basil on Grilled CrostiniΒ 

(When we joined the cocktail hour everyone was raving about the crab cakes. Also, I LOATHE mushrooms but I ate the mushroom appetizer! Seriously, it was that good.) Then the bridal party joined us.

photo 1


Then we joined the party! Michael’s ring is black carbon fiber. The necklace I wore was my something borrowed from my dear friend Robyn (above photo). A gorgeous rhinestone necklace she wore on her wedding day. It went perfectly with my dress and earrings!


Here is my grandmother, my cousin Melina and me:


The ringbearer and Michael wresting. Boys!


While the guests were enjoying cocktail hour, we did all the official family photos.


The DJ instructed everyone in to the main room to find their seats and then shut the door. It was time for us to make our official entrance and dance our first song. The coordinator opened the doors and we walked in and had our first dance to The Lumineers Ho Hey.



Then it was time for dinner!

To be continued…

Goodbye 2013!

The first half of 2013 was a bit rocky for me. I was still dealing with my Runner’s Knee and spent many, many frustrating hours trying to fix it. I did orthopedic massage, regular massage, acupuncture, tons and tons of physical therapy, I took a break, I got an MRI, I saw several specialists, and got my bike professionally refitted

In the end, what seemed to help me heal the most was working with Suzanne from Workout Nirvana. She designed several weight lifting programs for me to strengthen my weak parts to help my knees. It seemed to work. Unfortunately, my knees got better too late in the summer for me to get my cycling fitness back. My mileage this year sucked. But what can you do?

Despite the negative start, my year was pretty good. I got to meet some of my favorite bloggers when I crashed Fitbloggin’Β and do a lot of really fun things! I also got to go kayaking for the first time. It was such a fun thing and I’d tried to go again all summer long and never fulfilled that goal. Next year for sure!


Food and Maintenance

2013 was kind of weird year for me weight-wise. I did gain a little bit of weight this year. I think the knee injury and the reduction in my fitness abilities finally caught up to me. The good news was that I was able to turn that around before it got out of control. I lost the weight and got back to my maintenance weight.

I wrote a new series about maintenance and I’m glad that some other bloggers joined me. My hope was that I could give some insight into the maintenance world. Most blogs are about weight LOSS and not maintaining it. You can read the series here:

Maintenance 101: How to Eat

Five Truths of Maintenance

Maintenance 101: Beware of Food Creep

Maintenance 101: Self-Love

Maintenance 101: Challenges

Maintenance 101: Fitness Should Be Fun

I also tried going gluten and dairy-free in February. What I discovered was that doing that did nothing for me. I didn’t really feel any better or notice any changes in my body/symptoms/weight etc. The real shocker was that Michael discovered he had a sensitivity to gluten! The little experiment actually ended up being a good thing. He’s doing his best to be gluten free and that has made him feel a lot better!

Got Engaged/Planned a Wedding

This was the big news of the year. But really, was it? I mean Michael and I have been together for over 5 years now and we had talked about getting married for a long time. Either way, the moment came and it was a very nice surprise!

The wedding planning went pretty well. We got the big things taken care of pretty early on. I even got a dress! No this is not THE dress. πŸ™‚


Even though the wedding is “only” 9 months away. It still feels like a lifetime from now. I can’t wait to marry Michael!

Got a Dog!

We’ve talked about getting a dog for years. Yes, years. We’d go back and forth on what kind of breed we were looking for. 2013 was the year we finally got serious about it. We started volunteering at The Pixie Project as dog walkers to get more experience with dogs and help us find one. I felt very strongly about rescue and didn’t want to go through a breeder.

We met a bunch of dogs, checked out some shelters, but in the end was where we found our baby! We actually met two dogs from Petfinder and it was hard to make a decision. We loved them both. In the end, Bella was our dog.


She seemed to love us. She had experience living in a house with a cat (that was very important to me), and she was just so freakin’ sweet! She settled in to our house quickly and we fell in love with her. Our life was so changed with her in the house.


Fat Kitty did not warm up to Bella very quickly. I think it will take him time.


Michael and I had the opportunity to take a few mini-weekend getaways. We went to Sisters/Bend, Seattle, and the Washington Coast. It was nice to break up the monotony of the winter getting out of town.

Our big vacation this year was to LA and Santa Monica. I’ve wanted to go to Hollywood forever and I got my wish! We bummed around Hollywood, spotted some celebrities and then hung out at the beach.

LA LA Land

LA: The Restaurants and the Fitness

Beach Towns

Santa Monica Food & Fitness

Next time, we’ll spend more time on the beach.


Looking Forward

2014 is going to be a really busy year. More wedding planning! My hope is that is all goes smoothly and stress-free. πŸ˜‰

My goal for 2014 is singular: I want to get back into my fitness loves. I want to keep strengthening my knees so that I can return to cycling when the weather gets better. I really, really missed being able to bike to work a few times a week. It was a great stress-reliever, I liked reducing my driving time, and it also freed up my evenings that would be spent in the gym. All around, commuting to work on bike is a win-win situation. I want that back!

I also want to try and run another 5k. I’ve wanted to do that for a few years now and various injuries kept me from really trying to do that. As I get stronger and healthier, this goal is much more attainable.

QUESTION: What was the highlight of 2013 for you? What’s your goal for 2014?