Four Months Old


I can’t believe my teeny tiny newborn is now 4 months old!

It seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital, not sleeping at all and I was struggling with nursing. I am so happy we got the tongue-tie fixed and that breastfeeding is (mostly) a breeze now. I’m also happy that when I’m home I’m down to pumping once or twice a day only.


I’ve been back to work in the office part time for a little over a month now. The first week was the hardest thing ever. Being away from my little guy ripped my heart out. But after that first week it was easier and I actually looked forward to going into the office part time (you know, being with adults, getting out of the house, doing my job again, using my brain, etc etc).

What’s also awesome is that Michael gets to be home with Logan two days a week. I think it’s been so wonderful for them to bond and spend quality time together. Michael is an awesome dad, as I knew he would be when we first met 🙂 and I love see how Logan’s face lights up with a big, gummy grin when he sees his daddy! He also follows him around the room and looks for him when he leaves. It’s so cute.


So what is Logan doing at 4 months old? Everything. LOL He’s no longer the tiny baby that stays in the same place you put him. Now you have to be mindful!



He rolled over for the first time (tummy to back) at 9 weeks. He’s done it a few times since but mostly it was just gravity taking over. Whenever he’s on his back he immediately rolls onto his side. He’s also started scooting around and changing spots. I put him in his crib in one spot, come back a few minutes later and he’s on the other side of the crib in a different position!


A few times now I’ve caught him doing a full downward dog position (minus the arms part). I am never fast enough to snap a photo of it, though! But it’s pretty cool to see him doing that. 🙂



Sooooo I thought we were super lucky that Logan was such a good sleeper. He’s been a good sleeper since the beginning. About a month and a half ago he started sleeping through the night!! The first few times it happened I thought it was a fluke but then all of a sudden it started happening every night and it was AWESOME. Mom and Dad got REAL SLEEP FOR THE FIRST TIME. It was so amazing. Words cannot describe how much better *I* felt after a month of good, solid sleep every night.

Well at 15 weeks I think he hit the dreaded 4 month sleep regression thing. His new thing is being fussy at night, not wanting to be put down, refusing to sleep unless mom rocks him for 10 minutes first and he’s back to waking up sometime around 3am to eat again (thankfully that is slowing down again and it’s not as often). I thought we were over that! I hope it’s a short term thing and not back to stay for a long time. I was really enjoying those full nights of sleep…. 🙁



I think he started teething a few weeks ago. No teeth yet (I keep checking) but he’s had all the signs. Drooling, fussy, putting everything in his mouth, chewing and gnawing on EVERYTHING. Seriously, everything.



He’s fussy when mom or dad leave the room. If he can’t see one of us he starts to get fussy. So leaving him in his crib to play while I start a load of laundry is usually short lived and he starts squawking to get my attention.

He’s still pretty good at letting other people hold him. He is curious about everything and everyone and loves looking around and staring at people.

He likes “talking” and has a LOT to say! 😉

He has the BEST baby belly laugh!

It’s so fun watching him grow and learn things. Some days it’s a new thing every day. It’s cool to see his little personality start to form, too. In some ways I want time to stop but in other ways I am so excited for him to crawl and walk and talk…what an adventure we’re on!

Back to Life

…Back to reality…

Sort of! A new reality. Well, I survived my first week back to work! It was actually pretty good. Like I said before, I’m working from home three days a week and in the office two days a week for the next 90 days.

Working from home is nice. The flexibility and quiet is nice. I get a lot done. On the downside, I tend to work longer hours at home than I do when I’m in the office. But I think that’s the nature of it. Also, in some ways it’s kind of lonely at home. So it’s nice to be in the office chatting with people!

Last Wednesday was super crazy in the office. I was playing catch-up after being gone, going through the work that my temp did for me, trying to familiarize myself with cases…it felt weird to be so out of the loop on my caseload. The next day I was in the office was much better and less crazy-hectic. A few things: pumping at work is still a pain; I need to be better about eating during the day and at normal times; I did not do well with drinking water Friday like I did Wednesday; and I think part of my back issues are lugging around my pump and all the crap I have to take into work (plus picking up Logan). I need to find a better solution.

Solo Mom Life

Good news: last week Logan slept all night almost every night!

Bad news: he’s outgrown his bassinet and it’s time to move him to the pack n’ play. That was going to happen this weekend but Michael had to go up to Seattle for work at the last minute.

{Cue scary music}

I was only slightly nervous about being a solo mom all weekend for the first time. Most of me was confident. I mean, I’ve spent the last 10 weeks taking care of him all day while Michael was at work. Easy-peasy! But then a little part of me got nervous because that meant I was the solo caretaker 24/7. No breaks to go to the gym, take a nap or go grocery shopping. But it was only for a weekend.

So I guess next weekend we will try the transition into the pack n’ play.


Saturday Logan and I went for a walk (since I couldn’t go to the gym). We did 2.78 miles and I burned 265 calories on our walk.


Then we went to my cousin Anna’s house for some social time and snacks. She recently moved and I wanted to see her new place and she recently got engaged and I wanted to see the ring!! And have some girl talk.


She made some delicious snacks with strawberries she picked on Sauvies Island– goat cheese, basil, balsamic reduction and strawberries on toast. It was a really tasty, light summery treat. Then we went for a walk to a nearby park and rose garden.

It was such a pretty park! And a great spot to take photos for their engagement pictures. We went for a nice walk around the park and neighborhood and then Logan and I headed home.

Sunday Logan and I went for another walk. Michael was going to be back later than expected from Seattle and it was so nice out (sunny and a warm 70) and I wanted to get out of the house (and away from social media in light of the tragedy–it was just becoming too much and I needed a break from it). So instead of doing our usual loop, we did a nearby neighborhood of hills.



It felt good to be outside, moving, and away from the computer for a little bit. I was feeling really sad about the shooting and it breaks my heart that my baby is growing up in a world where this stuff happens. It’s all too much to take.

Anyways, Michael got home and I could have gone swimming but I decided to opt for an epic 2.5 hour nap and then went grocery shopping instead. Exciting life here! Dinner was lazy–potato salad and a rotisserie chicken from the deli.

It was nice to have Michael home again. Especially for mama’s nap time. 🙂 But Logan and I survived our solo weekend and it wasn’t as hard as I was expecting!


And Michael was clearly missed!