peanut butter

Note To Self

Note to Self: Put on sunscreen BEFORE watch, Road ID, and bike shorts!

I woke up this morning to find some very funky sunburn patterns. Apparently I forgot to put sunscreen on my legs. BAD LISA! I now have pasty white legs to my mid-thighs, then sunburn, then my shins and calves are pasty white. Sexy. πŸ™‚ I also have sunburn markings where my watch was.

Note to Self: Use heating pad on back and shoulders after bike ride. Last night while we watched TV, I pretty much had the heating pad on me the whole time. It helped A LOT. I did not wake up as sore as I thought I would this morning.

Breakfast was scrambled eggs and a little steak. We had a tiny bit left over and it was “use it or toss it”. It was tasty, though!

Note to Self: Bring MORE WATER on bike rides. I was definitely dehydrated yesterday during and after my bike ride. The headache let me know that! From now on, I will drink a huge glass of water before I leave, and drink water every 30 minutes of the bike ride.

Note to Self: Figure out better snacking options for bike rides. I want to prevent that dizziness and loss of energy half way through my ride. I think I need Sports Beans, Chewies AND protein bars. After yesterday’s bike ride, I realized we should have taken some Bagel Thins with Peanut Butter.

I am happy that my fitness level is so high now that I can recovery quickly from strenuous activities. I am not as sore today as I thought I would be. My legs feel loose and just fine. Weather permitting, I’m going to run at lunch today.

QUESTION: What are some tips of the trade you have discovered?

April Weigh In

Before breakfast, I hopped on the scale and was HAPPILY SURPRISED at a 2 pound loss!!!!! It’s been ages since I’ve seen a good number like that. I’m very very happy today. I don’t know what prompted the scale to finally move in a good direction. Maybe going back to counting calories diligently has paid off. Maybe adding cycling to my routine is helping to shake things up. Maybe the fact that I’m trying to avoid the Candy Room at work is the key.Β  Maybe the medication that caused this weight gain in the first place is finally out of my body. Maybe it’s limiting my alcohol intake? I don’t know but I’m happy with the results.

APRIL’S WEIGH IN: 156 pounds!

Breakfast is a toasted English muffin with 1 serving of peanut butter spread on it:

Then I topped it with slice of a half a banana:

Mmmm…one of my favorite breakfasts! Check out my “Weigh In” page and see my measurements. Now it’s gym time!