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Skillet Pork Chops Florentine

We needed a new recipe for pork chops. Michael bought a huge pack of thick pork chops at Costco recently and I’ve been collecting pork chop recipes to try. It’s not that pork chops are boring, they just aren’t as exciting as some other proteins. In fact, I didn’t really like pork for most of my life (before I was a vegetarian).

This recipe had two components that made me pick it: 1) it was easy as hell and 2) we had all the ingredients and there weren’t that many involved. Perfect.

Here is the recipe we tried for dinner recently.


Michael cut our pork chops in half lengthwise because they are so damn thick. Cutting them makes them a much more accurate portion size. While he cooked the pork (seasoned with salt and pepper), I made us salads.

Green leaf lettuce, raw cauliflower, croutons, fresh pepper, olive oil and balsamic. I chopped the onions and shredded the mozzarella cheese for the dinner. Michael cooked down the fresh spinach (much better than frozen, I think) and let everything simmer together.

Michael put the pork chops back into the skillet and let it simmer some more. It smelled heavenly! But red sauce and simmering onions usually do.

We topped the pork chops with the shredded cheese and let it melt a little bit and then dinner was served!

The flavors were really delicious and the dinner was super easy. I think it took a total of 20 minutes and the part that took the most effort was shredding the cheese. This is a good dinner to do on a night when you’re too tired to make a big effort.

Michael said it tasted good and he liked it. But with further discussion he said he’d never make it again. His opinion: pork chops have enough flavor and making a dish that covers the flavor seems like a waste. He said that this recipe would be better with eggplant or maybe chicken. I thought chicken would work really well, too. I disagreed with his assessment because I feel like pork chops are kind of bland. I enjoyed it! Smother those chops!

QUESTION: Do you like pork? Or do you think it’s bland?

Baby Steps

I’m feeling pretty good about myself right now. I am now on Day 3 of no candy at work! Remember I wrote about The Candy Room in my office? The insane amount of candy, chocolate, sweets, munchies have been the bane of my existence for my work life. I can control WHAT I have in my house and what I eat at home. I cannot control the food that is in the office. And honestly, the temptation to graze is really strong, especially since I walk into The Candy Room at least a dozen times a day to use the printer in that room. It’s the most obnoxious thing ever and before I know it, I’ve added about 300 calories to my day.

[blackbirdpie id=”162030056871444480″]

Tuesday I left the office and had successfully avoided eating ANY candy. There was even a fresh stock of those Pucker Pals that I adore–kinda like Sour Patch Kids. Mmmmm. I resisted! Instead, I ate the food I brought to work, chewed a bunch of gum and then headed to the gym.

I can’t say I was feeling super motivated to workout. My body was actually rather sore from snowshoeing over the weekend AND the massages Michael and I got on Monday night. But I hit the elliptical and got my sweat on, following up with about 30 minutes of weight lifting.

Gym Stats:
Time: 1:28
Calories Burned: 734

I got home and Michael and I made dinner together. We had pork chops from Costco and this time we cut them in half lengthwise so they were a normal sized portion. The pork chops were perfect and not dried out.

I steamed some cauliflower and carrots, topped them with Goddess Dressing and gave myself a scoop of cottage cheese too.

The “No Candy At Work” edict wasn’t something I decided to do. I just got so busy at work that I honestly forgot to eat any. And then I felt really good about NOT eating any and decided to keep it going. I don’t know how long I’ll do it. I’d love to erase the “habit” of snacking at work. Maybe this will do the trick. This is not to say that I didn’t have some dessert. I had a small bowl of ice cream at home and I still had over 400 calories left over for the day. πŸ˜€

Michael seems to be doing alright. He’s keeping busy around the house and seems to be in good spirits. I’m glad. Hopefully he finds a job soon, or at the very least gets some leads.Β The cats are loving having him home! Fat Kitty and Maya are being super social–especially Maya! She’s such a scaredy cat and hides all the time but she’s been spending time with Michael when he’s home! It’s fantastic. Look at my babies:

I might be impartial, but dang, they are adorable little monkeys!! Fat Kitty has been glued to my side since we got home from Bend. He definitely missed his momma.

QUESTION: What foods are hard for you to resist? Have you ever given them up?