summer goals

July Goals

It seems rather silly to have any goals for July to be honest. July is going to be so busy and hectic I think my goal should really just be “maintain whatever I’m currently doing.” But that’s not a very long post, is it? June was kind of a fail in terms of sticking to my goals.

June Goals

1. Try one new restaurant each month. This month: Beast. NOPE. Never made it.

2. Use sunscreen diligently. YES. I’ve been doing much better.

3. Commute to work two times a week by bike (weather permitting of course). SORTA. Once a week weather permitting is all I’ve been able to do.

4. Successfully complete the Gorge Ride (40 miles)! NOPE!


So June was kind of a bust. I was disappointed with the weather getting in the way of so many things I wanted to accomplish. Physically I could have ridden to work twice a week but the weather was never consistent enough for that to happen. I was bummed about that because my schedule at work will be changing and that will also effect when I can commute to work. Another challenge with commuting: the closing of the Morrison Bridge to cyclists. That made life a little more difficult for this newbie biker!

After a discussion Michael and I had decided not to participate in the Gorge Ride. The money and timing just didn’t work for us and in the end I think it was a good decision. I believe it ended up being a very rainy day the day of the ride. We did bike 40 miles though!

June wasn’t all bad. I bought new cycling shoes and learned how to clip-in (something I’d been avoiding for a year out of fear). I went on an amazing anniversary trip with Michael.  I hung out with another blogger. My garden is growing huge.  I struggled with going Scale-Free and honestly? I might go back to weighing in for July.

June was awesome for a few other reasons too: I got in some really great workouts, swam 2 miles for the first time, and I discovered the deliciousness of caramelized onions.

July Goals

1. Commute to work by bike whenever I can.

2. Practice getting in long rides on weekends.

3. Incorporate more free weights in my workouts.

4. Enjoy the summer!

5. Read more books (I already read like 3 a week but I’m hungry for more!).

I think that’s doable.

QUESTION: What are your goals for July?