It’s My Own Fault

I was pretty sore for days after Saturday’s workout. I hadn’t really lifted weights or done a full-body workout in about a month. Because of not having a gym at the time and the pouring rain, I was relegated to doing my old full-body workout at home. The problem? I always assume that my abilities haven’t changed.

As I was bemoaning being sore on Sunday night Michael told me it was my own fault. He reminded me that I hadn’t lifted weights in a month and that going hard-core as if I hadn’t taken a month off was going to cause me problems. Duh. So I was pretty sore and feeling kind of crappy. I had a little flare up of my Costochondritis this week which made me feel worse. I need to remind myself to take it easy when returning to a workout program after a break. I kept that in mind on Wednesday.

I let out a big sigh of relief for the sake of returning to my normal routine. On Wednesday after work I went to the gym. Gym! YAY! A place of my own. A place I can go to continue my success.

I went to a new gym that I now have access to. It was kind of exciting to go somewhere new yet familiar. It started off on the right foot when I got parking spot right in front and the place wasn’t crowded when I got there.

I ran on the treadmill for 3.51 miles. I felt pretty good, even though both knees had been pretty achy all day. I went to the weight section of the gym and the machines were a lot different than my normal gym.

I did about a 30 minute weight routine, taking it easy because I learned my lesson from Saturday. I didn’t push myself harder than I usually do.

The unfamiliar machines were weird at first and then I enjoyed them. I finished up with some free-weight work (very light) and then did lots of stretching.

It felt great to be back at the gym! I’m looking forward to easing back into weight lifting. I hope that I can start seeing some changes again. Maybe a month off was a good thing to jump-start those changes.

Gym Stats:
Time: 1:30
Calories Burned: 560

I was famished! I haven’t been that hungry in a long time. Michael and I made Mexican salads with chicken for dinner.

Lettuce, tomatoes from the garden, my green pepper, a little bit of shredded cheese, red onions, cilantro and broccoli. I have to admit–I’ve become a total veggie snob. After being spoiled all summer long with yummy stuff from my garden, eating lettuce from a grocery store is gross. The head of lettuce we had was wilted and kinda slimy after I washed it. Boo. I miss my lettuce.

Michael made guacamole. I added a spoonful of sour cream to it to make it a little creamier. I also added some cilantro, chopped red onion, chopping jalapenos and some tomatoes. It was tasty but I think the tomatoes made the guacamole sweet.

The dinner is good because of all the flavors meshing well together. It’s simple but good and the chicken thighs are great (and much cheaper than chicken breasts).

With Fall approaching I’ve been stockpiling recipes that sounds good. I don’t know why but I’d much rather try new recipes and cooking challenging things in the winter time. Maybe I’m just too busy in the summer.

QUESTION: Do you ease back into things or go hard-core (and regret it later)?