tomato soup recipe


The original plan for Labor Day weekend was for us to go to Seattle and spend time with friends and see Faith No More at Bumbershoot. In the end I ended up staying home and Michael went to Seattle. I was torn and wanted to see our friends, but I knew that sitting in a car in holiday traffic for 4+ hours was not a good idea for my back. While my back is much better, sitting for long periods of time is not good. I was bummed to be missing out on the fun, but it gave me a chance to get some stuff done at home.


I started my day with the gym:


Then Bella and I hit the road to meet my friend Erika at Laurelhurst Park (where I recently ran my 5k!) for lunch and a walk. Bella sniffing me as we sit at a very long light (she gets antsy when we just sit):


It was a slightly chilly day but we found a picnic bench and ate lunch and talked. While we ate lunch it drizzled on us a teeny bit, but it wasn’t too bad. The park was full of people playing, having BBQ’s and birthday parties and there was even a wedding about to take place!


I’d been craving pasta salad lately so that’s what I made for my lunch. Bowtie high-fiber pasta with chopped carrots, black olives, red peppers, tomatoes from my garden and Trader Joe’s Tuscan Italian dressing. I had a string cheese and a plum with the salad. After lunch we walked around the park for a bit, saw this guy practicing tight rope walking:


And then walked around the neighborhood. I found my new house:

I bet that house has a library in it! πŸ˜€ We finished up our neighborhood walk and said our goodbyes and it was just in time, too, because it started to downpour! When I got home I got set baking chocolate zucchini bread.

I liked healthier options for baking things like this. I would have liked to find one that used less sugar, but 3/4 cup of sugar was the least amount of sugar I was able to find in a recipe. I also love using applesauce in baking recipes! It makes the bread moist and fluffy in my opinion. I actually made 4 mini loaves of bread in my mini loaf pan.

The house smelledΒ amazing as the bread baked! Yum yum. I gave one mini loaf to a friend and I froze two of the loaves for later. I carved into the last one for dessert!


It was SO good. Spongy and moist, slightly sweet but not overly so and just plain delicious. I loved this recipe. It’s a keeper!


Sunday was elliptical and yoga time. Then I came home and got lunch ready for Bella’s foster mom who was coming over for a visit. Lunch was cheese and crackers (smoked gouda and pepper jack), cantaloupe, pasta salad, salami and tomatoes. Then some zucchini bread for dessert.


She brought her dog, Kona, so the two pups could race around the yard and play. It was so cute to watch them! Bella LOVES her mama Jen. She gets so excited and spazzy when she sees her. It’s amazing to watch.




Bella was in HEAVEN. The dogs raced in the yard, Bella had zoomies for hours, she was so freakin’ happy! The dogs played for a few hours, we had lunch and chatted and Jen had some ideas for Bella’s latest issue. Jen has done some dog training courses and she’s seriously like the dog whisperer. We’ll see how things go. We have some good ideas on things to try for Bella.

After they left, Bella sat in the window kind of bummed–missing her buddies. Then I got to making tomato soup from the tomatoes from my garden. First I roasted the tomatoes with onions and garlic. Then I cooked it all down for a few hours. I used this recipe.


I used the recipe as a base. I let the roasted tomatoes, onions, garlic simmer for a few hours, stirring occasionally. It thickened up and I used my immersion blender (I LOVE that thing!) to mix everything up until it was smooth and creamy (and didn’t have to remove the skins because it all blended up nicely. I added salt, pepper, seasonings, some vegetable broth, tomato paste and mixed it again. Then added a few pinches of sugar.


Let it simmer a little longer and then put the tomato soup into freezer containers for this winter. I can’t wait to have this soup! When I defrost it I will probably experiment with adding some cream to it and it may need more tomato paste once I reheat it. We’ll see. It tastes good though!



Got two 42 ounce plastic tubs of tomato soup (for freezing) and a small tupperware full for my lunch one day this week.Β How was your holiday?


Homemade Tomato Soup

I recently made a recipe that called for a can of whole tomatoes and I didn’t use all of them. I had to use up the leftovers so I decided to try making my own tomato soup. It was the first time I’ve made tomato soup from scratch before.Β I know–something this simple, how haven’t I made it before? I have no excuses other than laziness. Which is a major shame because we had sooo many tomatoes in our garden this summer.

Since I had to use up the tomatoes I decided to try my hand at tomato soup. I found a recipe that was simple and easy to use.

My friend Star came over for dinner and she brought her amazing cornbread. It has corn, peppers and cheese in it and it’s probably the best cornbread I’ve ever had.

The tomato soup was pretty easy to make. I didn’t have a food mill but I used a sieve to drain the liquid from the chunks. It was messy and kind of a pain but it worked.

I varied the recipe just a tad–I added a bay lead to the simmering sauce. I didn’t have cloves so I sprinkled a little bit of cinnamon in there. I also added back some of the chunks of tomato. This was also the first time I’ve ever attempted making a roux. After I made the roux, I slowly added the liquid and chunks back into the pot.

I tasted the soup and it was a bit tart. I added a little bit of brown sugar to the mixture. I tasted it again and added a little bit more. Then I added some of the Sugar/Splenda Blend that I have and it tasted much better.Β I let it simmer a little bit longer and then dinner was served.

I’m glad I added some of the chunks back into the soup. It made it heartier. I wish the photos of the soup had turned out better but the steam made the photos a little blurry.

The soup was good! I think I could have added a bit more sugar to it because it was a bit tart, but I liked it. The recipe made 6 servings for 90 calories a serving but I dished up two servings each because it was kind of a small portion. That’s still not bad for under 200 calories.

The cornbread went perfectlyΒ with the tomato soup. It was the perfect meal for winter time. Β Star also made a nice, healthy dessert for us to share–pears. She peeled the skin off, sliced the pears and put them on a baking dish. She sprinkled cinnamon on it, put goat cheese on the pears and baked them for a few minutes.

The pears were softened and warm and the goat cheese was a bit melty. It was lovely! And a very nice winter dinner with friends.Β When Star left I found something in my bathroom:

See that $5? It’s a little game we play. (And don’t mind the turquoise countertop–we are remodeling.) Star is the type of friend that will give a complete stranger her shoes if they asked for them, and then she’d offer them her socks as well. She’s a completely selfless person who is also impossible to spoil! She gives everything away and refuses to take money for services (like kitty babysitting). So I started hiding money in her apartment whenever I was over there. I thought I was sneaky but she’d find it and hide it somewhere in my house. That same stinkin’ $5 has been passed between us for who knows how long.

This time when Star was in the bathroom I snuck $5 into her purse but I obviously didn’t do a good job at hiding it because she hid it in my bathroom before she left.Β I need to get more creative with my hiding. πŸ™‚

QUESTION: What’s your favorite winter soup?