My Fat History

I was always chubby or a little overweight. When I was a little kid someone on the playground made fun of my thighs and from that day forward I always had a complex about having big thighs. Looking back at pictures of my childhood, I was NOT fat and there was nothing wrong with my thighs!

1999, Chubby but Not Fat

It wasn’t until my early 20’s though that I really gained my weight.

2003 Road Trip to Montana

It was a combination of factors that attributed to my weight gain: unhealthy food choices, sugar addiction, medications, laziness, and depression. I had high blood pressure. I was always sick with something (sinus infections, colds, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc). My feet hurt. My hips ached. I always had back pain. I was shopping in the Plus sizes and finding it hard to find clothes big enough to fit. I was buying 24W pants and a 42FF bra.

Walnut Room - Chicago

In 2006, I went on a fantastic vacation to Chicago with my friend Rachel. Chicago is a walking city and we did a lot of walking. I was in so much pain but it was a wonderful trip.

Chicago Art Institute

I didn’t let being 250 pounds keep me from living my life. I walked all over Chicago and saw many amazing sights. But alone in my hotel room I was crippled in agony from carrying around so much weight.

Chicago 2006

Soon after that trip, my doctor said I was pre-diabetic. I had really high blood pressure and she wanted to put me on blood pressure medications. That was the slap in the face I needed.


Around my 25th birthday I had a revelation during a Native American Sweat Lodge and decided to stop taking all of my medications and get healthy. It was a journey that took me two years but I did it. I lost 110 pounds. It’s been years since that journey started and I know it will be a lifelong journey (and struggle) to keep in shape.

I was in my best friend’s wedding at about 230 pounds.

Rachel's Bachelorette Party

I started to lose weight. I was surprised at how quickly it was coming off.

At 170 Pounds

One of the things I learned in my journey was that life didn’t have to be lived from the couch.  I love swimming. I love hiking and walking.

Silver Falls State Park

I find that I enjoy exercising and making good food choices.

Hiking, Spring 2009

If you have any thoughts, comments, or ideas on what I should include in my blog, Email me at:

Vegas- At 143 Pounds

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you.  Lisa 🙂

At About 149 Pounds

NOTE: I am not a nutritionist, dietitian or doctor. My weight loss was done on my own and I am in no ways an expert. Please talk to your doctor before starting any weight loss or exercise program!

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  1. Hi, Thanks for stopping by my Blog. I’ve added yours to my blog roll. I am searching for inspiration out there, to keep me on track (so I don’t do what I did last night), and you have been added as one! Congrats and keep up the good work. Also, I love Portland! It is a great city, and my girlfriends and I are planning a trip down there soon!

    1. Thanks! I checked out your blog too. It looks like you’re doing WW. I never did it but it sounds like such a good program to me! My friend Rachel (who lives in Bellevue) recently joined WW and is totally into it. Keep up the good work! 🙂 – Lisa

    1. I used to get that A LOT. I don’t as much anymore. But I did run into a friend I hadn’t seen in a few years and she looked completely baffled when I said hey. I told her it was me and she still looked shell-shocked! Last time she saw me, I was 230 pounds. -Lisa

  2. Hey Lisa! I just saw your comment on Tina’s health article and I wanted to check out your blog. First congrats on your weight loss 🙂 That’s fantastic!! Second, I completely understand how you feel about people who are naturally thin without too much effort. I’ve lost over 100lbs too and I work super hard to keep it off and stay healthy. So I completely share your jealously!! But you look amazing. Glad to have discovered your blog 🙂

  3. Exceelnt story and brilliant results, it’s always inspiring to see people who have managed to change (and extend) their life through the simple process of healthy eating and regular exercise.
    I’m on a similar journey myself, not 110 pounds worth but need to break a bad cycle of yo-yo weight changes.

    Keep up the heard work!



  4. I am so impressed by your story…and so sad that the parallel with my story stopped at the 110 lbs. I also lost 110 lbs (about 7 yrs ago)…kept it off for 3…then lapse became relapse and I was back to eating like a fat person…to the tune a 75 regained pounds. But I’m starting again and determined to not just GET to the goal but STAY at the goal this time. Thanks very much for being an excellent example of someone who stayed in the “promised land” – hope to see you there in a few years.

  5. Hi Lisa, Wow, this is an awesome story. Congratulations to your weight loss and healthy lifestyle. I’m sure this is inspiring for so many readers.
    Thanks for finding my blog and making me find yours. Love it! Will follow on facebook too.
    See ya, Maya

  6. Not only are you living a healthy lifestyle, but you are obviously enjoying it. Your upbeat attitude towards food and exercise is exactly what I was looking for to inspire me to lose another 40 pounds. You are amazing. Thank you for putting your story out here. I am moving to Portland this fall and I can’t wait to do some of the fun, outdoorsy things you are doing.

  7. Congratulations!

    When I saw your picture with the “fat pants” I didn’t believe it. I admire your will power:)

    I wish I had found your blog earlier.

    You look beautiful, hundredtenpounds:)

    Gorakh Nath.

  8. It is nice to see other 1oo pounds plus loser in the blog world. I have lost 115 pounds have kept it of for almost 5 years it is definately a continous journey.

  9. WOW! Just reading up on your story after seeing your comment on my featured post over at Fitblogger. I’m amazed. What an inspiring story! I love that you did this all on your own too, unreal. Lookin’ good girl!

  10. This is incredibly inspiring! Congratulations on your amazing weight loss and adoption of healthy lifestyle! My husband and I are on our way to a healthier lifestyle each day. We are still somewhere in the middle of our weight loss journey and we hope to reach our goals like you did 🙂

  11. Great going,

    I have lost 75 lbs since feb. Have done so before and put it back on. I look forward to getting it all off, (another 11 lbs) and then the adventure begins. Keeping it off I do not now look at as a challenge as I have the commitment. It will be an adventure, trying different foods, balancing work, exercise and work to keep it off.

    Good going young lady, keep it up. Life is so much more fun and exciting being at the proper weight.


  12. Congratulations! How wonderful that you listened to your intuition and improved your health – not just shed pounds – in a natural and healthy way. Keep it up, you are in inspiration!

  13. Great blog! I have lost 30 lbs (my target) over the last year in the same way. Be aware of what I eat, exercise every day, don’t cut any foods out my diet — just moderate. Also no crazy exercise that I would hate — just stuff I enjoy, like walking, hiking, gardening, etc. Two huge things that have helped in case they are useful:

    1) Arm band from BodyMedia. Not 100% accurate, but does a very nice job of showing how different moderate exercise is compared with inactivity. I’ve been wearing it for a year, and it has been a huge help.

    2) Replaced my chair and desk with a treadmill and standing desk. My job is 10+ hours per day in front of the computer, and I either had to change it or to change the way I did it. Now I stand about 1/2 the time, and walk the other 1/2 the time.

  14. One thing I noticed (my first time on your blog) is that you look younger now than you did in 1999!

    I’ve been on the Slow Carb diet for 5 days and am happy with the results so far. I’m hoping to lose 15 lbs by Christmas (already lost 5 🙂 and then go on from there and lose 40 all together.

    Your story is very encouraging! Thanks for sharing it.

  15. Hi
    Well done to you
    I’m 250 pounds. Can you help me. I tend to suffer from excess weight. Please tell me what you’ve lost weight?
    (My English is not good) I’m waiting for the answer.
    Email me
    Thank you

  16. Lisa, you commented on my “uno huevo ranchero” today, and I am so glad you did, otherwise I may have never discovered your blog. I too have struggled with weight most of my life, and have lost 85 pounds in the past year doing it the same way you did..on my own by eating healthier and exercising. My starting weight was very close to yours, and I’m 45 away from my goal of 130..half of my starting weight. It’s so inspiring to hear other people’s weight loss stories such as yours, and wish you all the luck in the world with getting your memoir published..I would most definitely love to read it.
    Keep up the amazing and inspiring work!
    From another Lisa.. 🙂

  17. Awesome! I would love to keep in touch with you because I am on my journey to losing 100+ pounds. I have lost 50+ pounds in 7 months so far, and have not stopped. I changed my entire lifestyle, and now I eat healthy and exercise. It it truly amazing, and I love how people like you are able to share their stories with us because sometimes we need encouragement too.

    Good luck!

    Tanisha aka Plus Size Health Nut
    Tanisha Williams recently posted..Benefits of LEMON WATER

  18. I just found your story online and I find it to be so inspiring. I am a mom of one and I gained so much weight from my pregnancy and it’s been really hard trying to get it off. When try I seem to always come up short and fail. The weight has put a such a strain on my body (killer back problems, knee pain). But seeing you do it makes me think that I can get back on the horse and lose the weight. I am currently 230lb and need to get to 150LBS so I need to lose 80LBs…Hopefully I can do it..Thanks for sharing your journey.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment, Shamara. I know you can do it! It sounds like you have that “fire” in you. You’re ready to lose the weight. Good luck and keep me posted!

  19. I love your story.

    My wife and I are on a ‘health kick’ and, whilst we aren’t exactly trying to loose tons of weight, we do want to Trim Up – thats what I call trying to shed just a few kilo’s in the areas we all seem to ‘stash it’.

    Your story is really inspiring, and the results speak for themselves. You before and after photos are a wake up call. Keep it up, looking good. 🙂
    Peter recently posted..why do they have loud voices?

    1. Hi Peter, thank you for your comment. I love that you and your wife are on a health kick without getting super obsessed with “losing weight.” Sometimes it doesn’t have to be like that–just saying “I want to manage my portions and eat more vegetables” is all you need to do….

  20. Thank you for sharing your story. I have a similar one, although it has taken me longer to lose the extra weight. I used to be athletic and very active, however I ate whatever I wanted. The active life prevented me from gaining too much weight. Then, in 2003 I went through an emotional blow that affected me more than I realized. That, along with other changes in my life, took me away from regular exercise, and I went up to 245 lbs (I had always been around 210 since my late teens). My cholesterol was off the charts, and I was eating a lot of bad foods, drinking soda and beer, etc.

    I am glad to say that about a year and a half ago, I had a moment of revelation: someone called me a mean nickname because of my appearance during a camping trip. Also, I noticed that other campers next to us were all thin and slim, and healthy looking. My group was eating plates stacked high, drinking soda and beer, and the other campers ate small meals. It was then that I decided to eliminate soda from my diet. Up till then, I drank diet soda and thought that it was OK. I did not change anything else, just the soda. Almost as soon as I stopped drinking diet soda, I started to slowly shed off the weight. After a few months, I lost 10 lbs, then 20 a few months later.

    Then I realized that small *real* changes can make a difference, and I stopped consuming excessive dairy products and other sweets (another one of my addictions). I also did a colon cleanse, and by then I had lost another 10 lbs. Then, the holidays came along, and I started eating more cookies, pastry, and candy. As soon as that was over, I continued to lose more weight. I realize now that giving up sweets at home and work helped also. As of today, I weighed 189 lbs, which I have not weighed at since I was 14 years old!

    Recently, I’ve had some issues with heartburn, and I learned that eating small meals can help. This past week, I ate smaller meals and noticed a huge improvement with the heart burn. I will continue to watch how much I eat.

    In sum, for me it has been a 10 year journey, maybe 20+ years. I am happy to reclaim my physical and emotional health. I too have realized that the journey is not over. It will continue for as long as I live.

    Again, thank you for sharing, as it has helped me a lot to read your story.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your story with me. I love how you figured it out for yourself. Smaller, more frequent meals are often the solution for people. It keeps blood sugar normalized and you don’t have that crash that leads to binges and overeating, or eating junk food…As for the heartburn, try apples. Supposedly eating apples can help that!

      Thanks again! You should be really proud of your feat!

  21. wow, you are a legend!! Losing weight is not easy at all.I know the dedication and motivation required to lose weight..Thankyou for inspiring so many of us..You are a true inspiration!!

  22. Great post! I’m currently at my weight loss journey as well – although I try to keep myself relatively skinny throughout the year, so it’s only just for a few periods! Thanks for being such a great motivation though:)

  23. I came across your blog on the healthy living blog website! The name grabbed me immediately. What an achievement this is and what an inspiration you are. I especially love the photos from each stage of your life, really shows the full cycle of your growth. Keep is up!

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