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My Favorite Races:

The Portland Century: Part 1, Part 2, The End, Recovery

Reach The Beach Recap 1,Recap 2, Recap 3

Hood to Coast: Leg 12, Leg 24, Leg 36,
Crossing the Finish Line , Good Luck Lisa!

Hood to Coast: Day One, After my First Run, Hurry Up and Wait, The Home StretchBecause You Can’t Do Epic Alone, The Hood to Coast Movie

Training for Hood to Coast, How to Recover From Hood To Coast, How to Have a Great Relay Race

Peach of a Century Part 1, Peach of a Century Part 2


My Favorite Posts:

Celebrating My Magazine Cover Debut!

Nutritionist’s Advice

New Year’s Eve in the Snow

How to Burn 1100 Calories in One Workout

A Blast From The Past

The Arrival Fallacy: What happens when you finally reach your goal?

My 31st Birthday

Drugs and Weight Gain: My weight gain on Celexa

Favorite Hiking Memories

Why I Started Eating Meat

Green Eyed Monster

Losing Weight:

Bitch, Don’t Call Me Fat: My Second Wake Up Call

My First Wake Up Call: The Sweat Lodge

I Don’t Know Where to Start

Partners Who Sabotage

Let’s Talk Willpower and Motivation

Binge Eating

My First Photo Shoot

Why Losing Weight is Healthy

Weight Loss Saboteurs

Body Image Struggles

Obesity and the 600lb Woman

Shopping Skinny

Rewarding Yourself

Gym Class Horrors

Polar Heart Rate Monitor Tutorial

Psychology of Weight Loss

Lose 100 Pounds, Lose Friends?

My 100 Pound Anniversary: 2 Years of being 100 pounds lighter!

My Thoughts on the Four Hour Body Diet Experiment

I Had a Drinking Problem

End of a Scale-Free Summer

Foods Masquerading as “Healthy”

Hold That Door


Don’t Get Discouraged

The Mad Men Diet

Stop Dieting!

FAQ – Part One

What Happens After You Lose the Weight?

Instant Gratification or Long Term Goal?

I Feel Fat

Why All or Nothing Doesn’t Work For Me

Nutrition: Who to Trust?

An Excuse to Eat

5 Things I Miss About Weighing More Than 300 Pounds


Renting vs. Buying: Snowshoeing Guide

First Bike Commute Ever

Tips for Commuting By Bike

Are You Over-training?

Addicted To Exercise

Adventures in Foam Rolling

Hiking Tips

Sports and Ethical Questions: Tour de France 2010

A Rainy Hike

Too Busy To Exercise

My Last Run: Before Hood to Coast aka A PERSONAL RECORD!

Sharing Fitness with the Love of Your Life



My 100 Pound Anniversary

100 Pound Anniversary – 3 Years

100 Pound Anniversary – 4 Years

Another Year Gone By – 5 Years

The “After” – 6 Year Anniversary



How to Lose Weight Series: 

Week OneWeek One Check In

Week Two , Week Two Check In

Week Three

Week Four

Week Five

Five Truths of Weight Loss

Five Truths of Maintenance

Guest Posts:

The Battle of The Calorie Counters

Groff’s Girl Guest Post From Japan

Body Image and Weight Loss by Amber

8 Mistakes I Made While Injured

The Challenge of Negative Thinking

Guest Post by Skinny Emmie

Boot Camp Workout

Triathlon Help

Finding Radiance

How (Not) to Train for a Half Marathon

Half Marathon Training for N00bs

Reshaping Your Body with Weight Lifting




Why Wednesdays Series:

Why I Run

Why I Want to Inspire You

Why I Try to Limit Sugar

Why I don’t take things for granted

Why I Sucked at Being a Vegetarian

Why You Should Lose Weight Slowly

Why You Make My World Beautiful

Why I Run the Waterfront

Why You Don’t Quit for the Holidays

Why You Should Try Supersets

Why I Wouldn’t Do Hood To Coast Again

Why I Don’t Have a Cheat Day

Why You Need a Break Sometimes


Maintenance 101 Series:

Maintenance 101: How to Eat

Maintenance 101: Challenges

Five Truths of Maintenance

Maintenance 101: Self-Love

Maintenance 101: Beware of Food Creep

Maintenance 101: Fitness Should Be Fun

Body Love Week Series:

Structure, Perfectionism, and Authentic Living

I Want My Daughters to Be Proud of Their Mom

Identity Crisis

Learning to Love Myself


Alphabet Series: 

A-Abstinence * B-Balance * C-Calories * D-Vitamin D * E-Emergency * F-Fast Food and Fine Dining * G-Gym Bag * H-Happy Weight * I-Intervals * J-Jumping * K-Keeping Sane * L-Losing Weight * M-Measuring Mistakes *N-Nemesis * O-Open * P-Plateaus * Q -Quitting * R-Runner’s Knee * S-SupportT is for Truth * U is for Unattainable * V is for Victory * W is for Walking *


  1. LD

    Would you please email me the name of your “watch” that measures your calories burned, etc.?

    I know you mentioned it on a post, but I can’t remember when I read the info.



    1. Lisa Eirene

      Hi LD, it’s a Polar Heart Rate Monitor. Here is the post:

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