Have I Traveled to Your Town?

My 30th Birthday 

Two Years Together: Adventures in Hood River

Bike Ride Up a Mountain: Adventures in Hood River

Shelter in a Storm

Arizona Day One: Shaking Off The Mold

Arizona Day Two: Running Through the Desert

Arizona Day Three: Swimming in the Desert

Arizona Day Four: Hiking Sabino Canyon

Arizona Day Five: Last Run in the Desert

Winery Hopping and Stripper Heels

Mystery Road Trip: Part One

Mystery Road Trip: Part Two

Mystery Road Trip: Part Three

Drift Creek Falls Suspension Bridge

Texas Bound Y’all

Lunch With Hobbits

A Tour of the Dude Ranch

In Texas Coldbeer is One Word

Wedding Texas-Style

Filled with Irony

Running in a Rain Cloud

Deep Fry It, Baby! 

Running Away to Vegas

Beatles Love, Wolfgang Puck, ‘Wichcraft

Died and Gone To Heaven

Beach Comber

Going Coastal

Hot as Hades

Yep It Feels Like 107 Degrees

Austin Finale

Island Life

Water Baby and Wannabe Ironwoman

Black Sand Beach, Turtles and Volcanoes

I Still Have Sand in My Shoes

LA LA Land

LA: The Restaurants and the Fitness

Beach Towns

Santa Monica Food & Fitness


Thunder Down Under

Maui – The Food

Best Maui Stuff

Maui Fitness

Maui – The Beaches

Where’s the Snow?

The Crux of It

Girls Gone Wild in Tucson

Wedding Day & Festivities

That Time We Almost Died in the Desert

Escaping the Heat


Anniversary Road Trip: Crater Lake

Rogue River: Crater Lake

Crater Lake

Diamond Lake

Finally, Vacation -Bend Part 1

Bend Part 2

So Long Bend

Eugene Part 1

Eugene Part 2

Happy Birthday from Hawaii!

Hawaii Day Two

Hawaii Day Three


Hawaii: Spa Day

Hawaii: Friday Hiking & Beach

Hawaii: Last Day

Los Angeles

Los Angeles: Hiking

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