Buzz, Press, and Mentions:

February 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday Feature

October 2010

Woman’s Day Feature: Real Weight-Loss Stories: I Kept the Pounds Off Health: Real Weight-Loss Stories: I Kept the Pounds Off

Featured in First Magazine- November 8, 2010 Edition

November 2010

ContributorFeatured Blogger at Fitblogger

December 2010

Featured Blogger at Fitblogger

“Celebrate 2010″

September 2011

November 2011

Featured Blogger at Diets In Review:

Truly Enjoy Your Holidays With Moderation

The Most Frustrating Aspects of Weight Loss 

January 2012

Interviewed on KATU news.

Guest Post: Lisa’s Five Truths of Maintenance

Weight Loss Success Stories: How Lisa Lost 110 Pounds

I got a Weight Loss WooHoo!


April 2012

Member of The National Weight Control Registry


May 2012

Guest Post at Healthy Tipping Point: HTP Success Stories, Part V

July 2012

Guest Post at the Attune Blog

Success Stories: Three Women Who Turned Big Goals Into Reality

Guest Post: Food Compromises in Relationships

Lovely Lisa Eirene: Counting Calories and Measuring Success by the Numbers

Guest Post: I Run For Me

September 2012

“The Mom Podcast” Interview

Eat Sleep Move Podcast: Episode #13: 110lb Weight Loss Success Story—Lisa Eirene

031 – Half Size Me: Weight Loss Success Story with Lisa, 110 Pounds and Counting!

November 2012

How Lisa Eirene Lost 110 Pounds by Swimming

Mention on:

Swimming Off the Pounds

January 2013

Nominated for “Top Health and Fitness Site of 2013″

November 2013

Interview for the podcast – The Lifestyle Accountability Show



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  1. Wow I had no idea you were in so much media. You ROCK and inspire me, even though I am backsliding. You make me want to get it together.

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