Slip Ups & PMS Cravings & Other Random Stuff

Last night we went to a friend’s house for dinner. They made really yummy bean soup! I now want to try making my own soups. The sad news: I slipped up and ate way too much bread with dinner.

Bread is definitely one of my weakness. I had three pieces of french bread — with butter. And boy, it was good! I didn’t need three slices. I should have stopped with 2. But I can’t beat myself up for “slipping”; and starving myself to make up for those calories isn’t the solution either. Today is a new day and I’ll make better choices–and listen to my body when it says it’s full.

Michael (the best boyfriend in the world!!) bought Girl Scout cookies last night! *Squeal!* We opened the box of Samoas and I ate a serving size. A serving is 2 cookies for about 150 calories. Not bad! The Thin Mints are 4 cookies for 160 calories (I think–or maybe it was 150). That’s not too bad, calorie wise. The secret is to only eat a serving size! Hopefully I will have the willpower to refrain from eating the entire box. 🙂

Which brings me to PMS and cravings! How do you get through PMS and cravings when you’re trying to eat healthy? I usually crave salt during that time. To make better choices with my snacks, I pick salty food like pretzels (a serving is like 30 pretzels!), pickles (salty and crunchy and only 5 calories!) or my favorite: Trader Joe’s Sea Salt Pita Chips. Mmm… When I crave chocolate instead…I eat Snackwell’s cookies (I like the Devil’s Food cookies), dark chocolate squares (dark chocolate is so rich you only need a few pieces), or the single serving ice cream (no risk of eating the entire carton!)

On a side note, I ordered a Foam Roller. I can’t wait to get it. Runner’s injuries can be many: shin splits, runner’s knee, pulled muscles, etc. The one that scares me even more than Runner’s Knee is tearing to the IT Band (the outside of the thighs). I’ve noticed my thighs are usually stiffest after a hard run so I’m really hoping this foam roller will help prevent an injury. I will post an update after I try it out.

UPDATE: The Sweet Potato chips were just ok. Nothing too special. 🙁 Disappointing!