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Aug 242016

First, I wanted to share something for local Portland parents. At my baby shower my aunt got me this awesome gift! A hand/foot print done by her friend who runs a little business called Hands On Keepsake Company. I took Logan on our last day of my maternity leave when he was 10 weeks old and got his foot and hand print done.


I recently picked it up and I am so happy with it! It’s hanging in his nursery and it’s just so cute and it turned out really great. I’m thinking I will do it again for his 1st birthday just to have something to compare.

Second, my little bug turned 5 months!


In the last few weeks he’s decided he wants to be ON THE MOVE at all times. He rarely stays in the same spot we put him now. I put him down on his back and he immediately rolls and flips onto his belly like a little gymnast. He’s not crawling–yet–but he’s trying really hard to do it! He gets his legs pumping and he kind of scoots and rolls and pulls. It’s so funny to watch. This photo shows just how much he is moving (he was put down on his back in the middle of his gym mat):


My mom saw this photo and said he looks just like me when I was that age. I guess we have the same exact expression on our face. 🙂


The 4 month sleep regression hit us pretty hard. We were spoiled with him sleeping through the night for almost 2 months. He must be growing at a crazy pace because he’s waking up a few times a night now to eat. (Mama is exhausted!)

This week he also decided that he wants to roll over onto his belly in the pack n’ play when he should be sleeping (which makes me really nervous–even though the doctor said it’s ok he sleeps on his tummy once he can roll over like this–it still freaks me out and I move him back to his back).

Overall he’s a pretty happy, energetic, good-natured baby. It’s been a joy so far watching him grow and learn new things–sometimes new things daily!



My little gymnast is discovering new things! He does downward dog. He does cobra. He uses the rings on his toys in his little gym to pull himself up as he flips over. And this week he got a whole lot better at his motor skills. He discovered that his little monkey attached to the carseat vibrates if you pull it. He was having a grand old time pulling it and it was so cool to see how focused he was on the task.


In other news, he starts daycare part time in September. I have to admit, I’m having a really, really hard time with it. It’s going to be so emotional and stressful for me dropping him off to be with someone else. We’ve been so lucky to have been able to work out a schedule with our jobs so that either me or Michael is home with him every day during the week. I know it’s made a huge difference for all of us and we both got a chance to bond with Logan. Seeing Michael be such an amazing dad and take care of Logan when I go into the office has been really awesome to see. And going into the office a few times a week gives me a break (sometimes much needed break!). But I’d be lying if I said this was going to be an easy transition.

I know daycare will be a good thing — at some point. It will socialize Logan and get him exposed to other babies/kids and germs and get him ready for school eventually…but when they are teeny babies it just doesn’t make sense to me. 🙁 But it has to be done. I’m grateful that I have a situation where it will only be part time daycare for the rest of this year. That’s something, and it’s given me a little relief knowing that I’ll be home with him two days a week at least.



I know it’s going to be hard for me. I’m trying not to think about it too much at the moment. I just don’t want to miss out on all of his firsts because he’s in daycare.

Finally, on a happy note, I put him in the middle of his blanket, walked away for a few minutes, and when I came back I saw this:


I would be surprised if he wasn’t crawling soon!

Aug 232016

Sunday I had a quickie breakfast and then went swimming a little earlier than normal and then we hit the road for Hood River. Thankfully the 100+ heat wave in Portland was lessening and it was only in the high 80’s. Much more comfortable!

I love Hood River. It’s so picturesque! This time we wanted to hit some breweries since Michael’s dad is in the beer business and likes checking out new beers. We went to lunch at Full Sail Brewery. The guys went in and got a table while I sat in the air-conditioned car and fed Logan before I joined them.


I got the the turkey/bacon wrap with a salad and their IPA. The wrap was really delicious! I want to try and create a similar wrap at home for lunches. It was really simle–turkey, bacon, tomato, lettuce and a chipotle ranch dressing. Yum!




Then we went down to the waterfront and checked out the pFriem Brewery.  I’ve been hearing about their beer for over a year but I was pregnant at the time and couldn’t partake! Finally, I was able to try it. 🙂

Michael and I both got the IPA and I liked it. It wasn’t my favorite beer but I enjoyed it from start to finish. Michael felt like it was too malt-y. Michael’s dad got the lager and wasn’t a fan. But it was still a nice afternoon just hanging out.


We sat outside because the wait for a table (to get food) was over an hour and we just wanted to try the beers. It was kinda nice being outside in the fresh air, shade and breeze.


Then we went down to the waterfront and walked the path along the water for awhile. It was really sunny, hot and windy. Hood River is VERY windy, all the time. It’s a great place for kites, surfing, kiteboarding, SUP, etc. and it was a super popular place on Sunday!




After we walked around in the sunshine for awhile we stopped at Cathedral Ridge Winery. Michael was kind enough to take care of the baby while I got a tasting! It’s been soooo long since I went wine tasting! I think the last time I was at Cathedral Ridge was my bachelorette party. Again, when I was pregnant I kinda missed it and thought about going wine tasting once I could…and we just never found the time to do it. So it was kind of nice to go to one of my favorites.



might have ended up joining their wine club. It’s been a zillion years since we belonged to a wine club and we both missed it. Sooo we signed up! And got to take a box home of a few favorites.


After I was done tasting the four of us sat outside in their garden for a few hours just enjoying the summer sunshine and breeze.



It was so delightful, I didn’t want it it to end…



But it had to. We had to get back to Portland and drop Michael’s dad off at the airport. It was a really nice day and it was fun doing something different.