LL Stubb Stewart Park

Milo McIver

Oswald West

Tolinda Ridge Trail Hike

Ramona Falls 

Gresham Butte Hike

Wahkeena to Larch Mountain

Wahkeena Falls

Powell Butte, #2

Firelane 12/15 Trail

Marquam Trail to Council Crest

Eagle Creek

Cascade Head Trail

Hood River Mountain Trail

Latourell Falls

Dry Creek Falls, Part 2

Multnomah Falls, Part 2

Wahclella Falls

The Painted Hills

Silver Falls State Park

Rattlesnake Ridge

Old Highway 30- Hood River

Rowena Crest

Salmon Butte Hike, Part 2

Lake Gillette

Mount Talbert Park

Lower Maple Trail Loop

Saltzman Road, Part 2

Pacific Crest Trail

Elowah Falls

Devil’s Rest

Angel’s Rest

Lost Lake

Gnat Creek 

Twin Lakes

Paradise Park and Little Zig Zag Falls

Horsetail Falls

Snow Baby

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