Be My Valentine

I thought I’d give a bit of an update…we’ve been…busy this past week!

First, I have to say: Friends are amazing! Last week a dear friend seemed to just know we were struggling and needed help and offered to drop off dinner. She picked up amazing pizza and salad and it was SO nice of her!! Michael was basically bed-ridden at that point.

The pizza was great and we had leftovers for several meals.

I’ve been trying to do everything and taking care of Logan, the animals and Michael. And working. And doing house chores and trying to still work out. It’s a lot. I feel like I’m not doing any of it very well right now. The meal was very nice and helpful and made me feel some relief.

Michael’s mom brought us ham and bean soup (delicious)! (And over the weekend she came to babysit and brought us a casserole.)

In better news, Logan got his first Valentine! 😉

A card made by his BFF Winnie and some stickers! So cute! Another friend dropped of chocolates and a balloon! Logan is popular. 😉 He had a Valentine’s party at daycare and that looked like fun. Plus, mommy and daddy got a valentine from Logan!

Michael and I had leftovers for dinner on Valentine’s Day. Then…his back went completely out. He couldn’t walk or stand or lay. He ended up going to the ER. At least I can cross off “hot firemen in my bedroom on valentine’s day” from my bucket list…?? 😉 Made me think of that Friend’s episode.

Family came over to be with Logan and I went to the ER with Michael. He ended up getting an MRI (thankfully) and he has a herniated disk. I stayed late at the ER until he was going in for the MRI. It was going to be several hours for it and I had to get home for Logan.

I was in bed by midnight and got a few hours of sleep. I got Logan up and to daycare, went to work for a few hours, then left and went to the hospital. They aren’t doing surgery immediately. The heavy-duty meds Michael got in the hospital seemed to help a lot and relax whatever was going on and pinching the nerves. So after spending almost 24 hours in the hospital, he got to come home!

And he got to hold Logan for the first time in 6 weeks! We were all happy. <3

My cousin Anna hired some babysitting to help me out. A friend of Michael’s picked him up from the hospital because I had to go pick up Logan. It was SO nice how many people stepped up to help out. We have the best friends and family.

He’s doing better. He has a lot of follow-up appointments (Neurosurgeon, PT, spine clinic, his regular doc, I don’t even know what else). I hope we get some good answers for treatment. I really dislike that doctors just want to “manage” stuff like this with pain pills. That DOESN’T FIX the problem. And with a lot of people, it causes more problems. Neither Michael nor I are really pill people so we’re both determined to find another answer to fix this.

So it’s been an overwhelming, stressful week! Sheesh.


Last week we ended up back at the vet! Just to recap, in the last month we’ve been to the vet like 4 times. The first time was Fat Kitty (he was throwing up but he’s ok), next it was Bella with a split nail (which ended up being two visits) and that brings us to last week.

I got home from work last Wednesday and Michael had had a rough day with Logan, who was fussy, but thankfully the little guy was asleep. We sat down to eat dinner together and try to relax. My right eye was feeling kind of itchy for some reason but I didn’t know why. I started eating.

Then Michael said, “Does Bella look weird?”

I looked over and saw Bella and then kind of freaked out. She was covered in hives! And her face was swelling. I called the vet and said we were coming in. My eye was itching even more and I went in the bathroom and looked and it was starting to swell a bit. I rushed Bella to the vet.

We got there and there was a line to check in but they rushed Bella back immediately and I had to wait to check in, then wait to hear from the vet. It was kind of a long wait but someone finally came out to talk to me. They gave Bella an injection of steroids and Benadryl. Then we were able to go home.

The vet didn’t know what happened. My first thought was that she got stung by a bee or wasp. But that doesn’t explain why my eye had some kind of allergic reaction. The vet said maybe Bella rolled in a weed in the yard that she was allergic to. The whole thing was odd–both of us having some kind of reaction.

While we were at the vet I asked Michael to wash everything–her blankets, the couch covers on the couch, whatever Bella could have laid on and gotten the “stuff” on–whatever it was. I took a Benadryl that night and my eye got better. Bella was on Benadryl three times a day for the next 4 days until her lumpy hives went away.

I’m really glad she’s doing better but damn it was scary!! Especially seeing her face and eyes swell. 🙁 This is not Bella, obviously, but this is what her body kind of looked like:


I still don’t know what happened or what she got in to. I’m leaning more towards she got into something in the yard and I petted her, then rubbed my eye and had some kind of reaction as well. Ugh! I just wish I knew what it was.


In other news…Logan keeps getting a little heat rash. It’s weird because it hasn’t been all that hot yet here in Portland and we have air conditioning. When we go for walks it’s usually early in the morning before it gets too warm. I do my best not to over dress him and when his heat rash kind of flares up I will sometimes just leave him in a diaper to see if that helps.

We went to Urgent Care when it first happened because I think he was only like 6 or 7 weeks old and hadn’t had his vaccination yet and I was kind of freaked out by the rash on his chest. For peace of mind we went in and had it looked at. The doctor suggested treating it with coconut oil on the skin whenever it flares up, which we’ve been doing and that seems to help. It’s just weird that it happens semi-frequently when it’s not that hot and he’s not over-dressed.


So moms out there, I am crowd-sourcing ideas! If you had this happen with your babes, clue me in. I really hate it when my poor baby gets this–even though he doesn’t seem too bothered by it (and doesn’t seem to feel itchy, but maybe he just doesn’t know how to itch yet??).


Anyways. I’ve half written about a dozen blog posts but whenever I sit down to write them either Logan gets fussy and needs me, something else happens, or my brain is just fried and I stare at the words like it’s a foreign language and then close the laptop. 😉 Working on it! Also working on the weight loss. More on that soon! Now excuse me, I have a dozen loads of laundry to do (that’s kind of my new hobby these days!).