Day Two

Hawaii Day Two

We went for hike and it was the highlight of the trip. (Logan still talks about it.)

We went to the Makahi Street Hike up in Kalaoa. We were staying in Waikoloa Village and it was about a 30 minute drive up the mountain. The hike was easy to find and super fun!

We did the “Jurassic” trail! Logan loved it. He did so good too. It was like hiking in the jungle. Very pretty.

After the hike we stopped and grabbed sushi and ate lunch at the house and then went to Beach 69 for another beach afternoon.

Beach 69 was our favorite beach when we were in Kona before. This particular day the surf was pretty big. We did have fun, though.

Dinner was seared ahi tuna and salad. Logan was so tired he put himself to bed. 😉

Had some fresh fruit. (Best pineapple ever!) Then my sister in law, Michael and I went in the hot tub and looked at the Hawaiian stars. It was amazing!