Weight Loss Sabatouers

Do you have a Saboteur in your life?

Weight Watchers

My friend Rachel scanned and emailed her Weight Watchers brochure on the topic after she read my post about supportive partners. While this is a similar subject, I think it’s an even more important topic to discuss because these types of people ARE out there.

The Food Pusher: “Just have a little piece”

The Paranoid Partner: They think you’re going to leave them when you get “skinny”.

The Mother Hen: “You’re getting too skinny, you need to eat.”

The Jealous Joker: “Ordering another salad? You don’t eat real food.”

How to Deal with these Saboteurs

1. Be honest with them. Tell them what you’re trying to do and ask for their support.

2. Get it “To Go” and then don’t eat it.

3. Have a small bite and tell them how great it is. Then STOP eating it.

4. Reassure your partner or friend that the relationship is not going to change when you get healthy. Invite them to join you in the journey!

5. Tell them how important it is to you to get healthy.

6. If the relationship is truly toxic, limit your exposure to them the best you can.

Check out this article with the Washington Post. Their suggestion was to firmly say “No Thank You.”

QUESTION: Do you have any other suggestions for dealing with these situations? Do you have a Saboteur in your life?