No More Ugly Bathrooms!

We are slowly making progress on the house remodel. I absolutely hate the bathrooms! They are so old and dated. A few years ago I painted the main bathroom (gray) and we replaced the sink in there. I really like what we picked. It’s kind of a dark greyish brown with a white countertop.

We decided to bite the bullet and hire someone to do the flooring in both bathrooms. The guy that did our deck did a great job and he does interiors so I reached out to see if he could do it. I knew that the bathroom floors would be hard to redo ourselves (and not just because of Michael’s recent back issues) so it made sense to hire a professional. I knew that the subflooring needed to be replaced and I wanted the tile to look nice and be level so it was just a smart thing to hire it out.

I REALLY wish we had photos of the original bathroom but Michael lost the photos he had on a computer that crashed. Basically, the hall bathroom had teal everything–the walls, the ceiling, the toilet fuzzy cover. I think the vanity was white with flowers on it and there was some yellow in there, too. The vanity was small and dated and I think the countertop was yellow? It’s hard to remember. Basically, it was hideous!

The downside is that we wouldn’t have a bathroom at all for about two days. Bella went to her boyfriend’s house for the night: 🙂

And we booked a small cottage in North Portland on AirBnB for the night.

The cottage was super cute. Small but good enough for us for one night. Plus there was a hot tub! After Logan went to sleep, we had a glass of wine and hung out in the hot tub outside, surrounded by a bamboo fence. It was super cute.

I was SO excited to go home and see the new bathrooms.



You can see the subflooring under the new sink vanity in this photo:

The old vanity was small and short in a weird way, so it was nice to replace it. Plus we got something that was a little bit bigger and held more stuff. We got two new vent registers and went with white for both since we chose white tiles for the bathroom remodel.



I LOVE IT!!!!!! The floors look so amazing! I didn’t get fantastic photos because the light wasn’t great, but trust me, it looks great in person. The tile is white with gray accents. The backsplash matches the gray in the tiles. The sink is attached the wall (finally).

The room looks bigger, too. We need to put in new toilets and then finish the baseboard trim and paint all the doors in the house, and the bathrooms are DONE!

Michael’s Bathroom

The master bath is really small. It’s basically just the shower and toilet in the bathroom area. There is a sink in the bedroom by the walk-in closet. But since this house is from the 70’s it’s all really old, small and just not cohesive for two people to use. So this is basically Michael’s bathroom and I use the other one.


During (You can see the yellow that the walls used to be in the below photo!):


Michael’s bathroom has white tile with black accents. This was what I was originally going to use for my bathroom, but I think it looks better in the small bathroom instead. And it is similar but not the same as mine, so it is a nice difference and ties everything together.

We need to paint Michael’s bathroom (I think white is best), install a new toilet, and put in the baseboards and then that room is done! It looks so nice! We are super happy with how everything turned out!


Back Breaking Workout

Yesterday was brutal. Hard, labor-intensive, back-breaking work that lasted like 12 hours! But I’m not complaining because we are half way done with the kitchen floor! A little background: Michael bought his house a few years before I met him. He bought it with the plan to update and modernize it and then eventually sell it. Before we met he installed the hardwood floors in the rest of the house all by himself. They are gorgeous! Not long after we started dating, I helped him destroy the old retro-heinous-70’s kitchen all the way down to the sub-flooring.

We have a working kitchen now, with the new cabinets installed. We just don’t have a floor. We also have the old retro-heinous-70’s baby blue counter-top still. 🙂 For various reasons we didn’t work on the kitchen very much in last two years. Well, we finally have tile installed on half of the kitchen floor! It took all day yesterday and I’m sore and tired today but HAPPY!

Yesterday Before:


Yesterday after 12 hours of work:


There’s still a LOT to do. It’s a huge space. The dining room and kitchen are all one room but divided by the counter space. We still need to do the kitchen section, the pantry and then we’ll have to rent a wet saw to cut the tiles to fit around the edge of the room.

We worked hard yesterday. There was a lot of prep work, measuring, double-checking. Michael did the mixing of the adhesive:

He spread the adhesive on the sub-flooring (it’s the picture above that looks like sheet rock on the floor) and I laid the tiles and made sure they lined up and the spacers fit, etc. It was a lot of stretching, standing, bending, twisting….OUCH!

After all the tiles are glued in, we’ll do the grout and sealant. Then we’ll have a real floor!!!! YIPPEE!!!

Since we were working on the kitchen, we had to get “fast” food. For lunch we went to Burgerville. It’s really cool that they post the calories on their receipts:

Very cool! Although my complaint is that they should probably post the calories somewhere in the restaurant BEFORE people order….I usually base my order on calories. I got the Classic Burger without cheese and it was about 500 calories.

After lunch we headed back to the house and continued the flooring.  When we stopped working late Saturday night, I picked up a deLite Pizza from Papa Murphy’s and cooked that for a quick dinner.

And we toasted our hard work with a little drink:

I took a hot bath with Lavender Epsom Salts before bed. It was lovely!

This morning I made pancakes! I’ve never successfully made pancakes in the past….either they were too burned or raw! Bummer. But this morning was a success!

I also made some tea–my favorite, Jasmine Pearl tea.

I am off to the pool for a swim and a VERY long soak in the hot tub!