Old Wives’ Tales

A lot of pregnancy is just waiting. I am so not good at waiting. I’m not a patient person. This experience has definitely been a lesson in learning how to be patient (or at the very least, live in denial about things to keep from obsessing!).

I was excited to find out what we were having; mostly for the planning aspects. But part of me felt like knowing the sex was going to be helpful with bonding and visualizing the little baby before it gets here. Michael and I were definitely not the “we want to be surprised” type of parents.

I didn’t put a whole lot of stock into the whole old wives’ tales thing but I played along out of curiosity anyways. 🙂 I didn’t really have a good idea of what we might be having until around 9 or 10 weeks. The sex organs weren’t even formed yet, but still I started to have a “Feeling”.

We had 2 ultrasounds and both times the heart rate was 168. Doc said that was a great heart rate. Of course my first thought was “that means it’s a girl!” Apparently one of the predictions was a heart rate over 140 meant girl, under that meant boy.

As for the morning sickness predictor–I was a little on the fence on what to guess for that one. I had morning sickness from week 6 on and it fluctuated. It was pretty bad for the first few weeks, in the morning only, then it moved to all-day-long-sickness, then it was just in the evenings. But I never actually threw up–so does that mean girl?! I’m putting it down as a girl because while it was mild, I still felt sick.

The acne predictor is a little iffy too, because I was already prone to acne before I got pregnant. Craving sweets? Again, sweets were always my go-to craving so not much changed. What did change? I no longer craved salty, pickled things. As Michael likes to joke, pickled foods were a staple of my diet. When I got pregnant? I suddenly didn’t want any of it! Which was a shocker to Michael for sure. Why don’t I crave the pickles, the kimchi, the pickled vegetables, the sauerkraut?? I have no idea. BUT I was craving sour foods. Lemonade became my go-to drink for months!

For a few months I was sure it was a girl. That was the “feeling” I got. Then in the 2nd trimester I started leaning more towards boy. I don’t know why my feeling changed. But basically now I’m in the “I have no idea” camp. 😉

I don’t know how much stock I put into these old wives’ tales…I know a lot of people swear by them and say they are accurate. We’ll see. Michael and I have an ultrasound this week and if the baby cooperates, we’ll find out what it is!

What about you? Were the old wives’ tales accurate if you have kids?

Author: Lisa Eirene

About Lisa Eirene Lisa lost 110 pounds through calorie counting and exercise. She swims, bikes, runs, hikes and is enjoying life in Portland, Oregon. Her weight loss story has been featured in First Magazine, Yahoo Health, Woman's Day and Glamour.com.

9 thoughts on “Old Wives’ Tales”

    1. Interesting!!
      Most of the pregnancy I’ve felt like it was a girl. Lately I’ve waffled back and forth, leaning more towards boy. I do not know how people used to wait til the baby was born to find out! The suspense would kill me. LOL

  1. We didn’t find out what we were having but I was pretty confident we were having a boy. Funny thing is we were 100% sure of our boy name early on but in disagreement on girl name. So as I was in labor I was like DUDE WE NEED TO DECIDE ON A NAME!!! No need though – our boy name Spencer was ready to go

    Hope you’re feeling great!!

    1. I hear a LOT of those kinds of stories! It’s too funny. We have agreed on a boy name but not a girl name, so …. we may be in labor still not agreeing if it’s a girl. LOL

  2. I was told by an ultrasound technician with a 99% accurate guess rating that the “angle of the dangle” indicated girl. That was at about 12 weeks or so. And all the Old Wives Indicators pointed to girl as well. And we did, in fact, have a girl.

    Personally my fingers are crossed for a girl for you. Just so MJ has a friend nearby. And so I have somewhere to send all the hand-me-downs I already have piled up! But a boy would be okay too.

    1. Yes! A little friend for MJ would be awesome. 🙂

      As for the dangle thing–we had 2 ultrasounds, both were under 12 weeks and haven’t had one since. Which was a bummer. I was hoping for another one! But at the OB appointments they’ve just done the heart doppler thing. It will be quite a change to see the real ultrasound with a formed little baby since the last time we saw it, it was kind of a blob with arm and leg buds and nothing was defined yet!

  3. It’s fun to see all the ways people try to predict the baby gender! I hope your baby isn’t shy later this week, the suspense will be terrible!

    My SIL was so so so so sick the whole first trimester, and yep, she’s having a girl, in just a couple of weeks! (our bets range from Oct 30-Nov 10… we’ll see!)
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