Monday's Workout

Getting Ready to Run
Rolling Hills

The goal of today’s run was to take it fairly easy. It’s been about a week since the Shamrock and I didn’t want to do too much too soon with my recent ankle problems. I headed outside and started jogging slowly to warm up. My doctor said to take it easy on running hills for awhile. So instead of turning right and going up the huge MOUNTAIN I usually do, I turned left and went down a street I’ve never done. It was quite the pleasant surprise!
As you can see, it was quite the gray and wet morning. Despite the lacking sunshine in this picture, I promise it was beautiful out! My new route had very large bike lanes for safety and the hills were small and rolling as opposed to monstrous. I explored new neighborhoods, ran passed a few farms, and didn’t strain myself too much.  It smelled fresh and wet. I ran passed a large yard that had just been mowed and I could smell the freshly cut grass that had been rained on. Heavenly. After doing my new route, I headed back towards home and decided to finish my workout at the school next to our house.

Running The Track

I did a lap around the track (much easier on the knees) and then finished with a few intervals on the stairs.

Very Steep Stairs!

Running up the stairs a few times was exhilarating! I’m pretty sure my legs are going to be sore tomorrow! According to my NIKE+, my stats are:

Distance: 6.15 miles

Time: 58:21

Pace: 9’28”

Calories burned: 633!

I walked back to the house (as my cool down) and did a few minutes of stretching. I’m determined to be a “stretcher!” After run snack: chocolate milk.


Have a great day! 🙂