Jul 092014

A few weeks before Easter my Grandma, the one who has been in assisted living/apartment, fell and broke her knee and elbow and hit her head. It was a pretty bad fall. She’s had a lot of strokes over the last 10 years, some worse than others, and was having some other issues. My dad was on vacation in Tucson when he got the call from the doctor that she wasn’t doing well. He knew by the voice of the doctor that has cared for my grandma for years that it was serious. He packed up and left the next day to drive from Tucson to Seattle to see her in time.

She was in the hospital and had chose not to do heroic measures. Her stomach was having bleeding that went into her abdomen and I’m sure it wasn’t comfortable. My mom told me the news that she wasn’t doing great and that the doctor said she had a few days to a few weeks to maybe a month. They weren’t sure. I called my grandma and spoke to her the next day. My mom was there with her. She could understand what I was saying and could still talk but was having a delay in her responses. I’m glad I got to talk to her when she was still lucid. When we ended the phone call my mom said she told her “I’m going to the wedding.” That made me sad–I knew she probably wouldn’t be.

I sent her a card with two cute kittens on the cover and when she got it my aunt read it to her and set it next to her hospital bed so she could see it when she rolled over. I’m glad the card got to her in time for her to see it and understand what it said.

For weeks we all waited. Every time the phone rang I figured it was my mom calling to tell me the news. But she was hanging on. Instead of a few weeks, she’s had a few more months now. She’s in an nursing home/hospice type place now and my parents go and check on her every few days or so. Over the holiday weekend I decided to drive up to Seattle to see her. I felt like I’d been blessed with a few extra months so I could have the chance to see her again.

Michael stayed home with Bella and I drove up to Seattle. I didn’t know what to expect or how bad it would be. I left Portland after the Warrior Room Saturday morning and thankfully missed a lot of the holiday traffic. I got to Seattle about 3ish and my mom and I went to see my grandma. I got some flowers for her–orange-red carnations.


Thankfully she recognized me and was happy to see me. I sat next to her bed and chatted with her. With the strokes it’s hard for her to communicate. I can tell she understands most of what is said and she tries really hard to respond but the words get jumbled and don’t always make sense or come out in the right order.

I told her about Bella and she remembered her dog from 20 something years ago. Talked about our veggie garden, the wedding plans, the honeymoon, other family members that have visited her. She wanted to see my ring. She wasn’t in great shape. :( My mom and I stayed about an hour and I think it wore her out so we left soon after that. It’s very strange to say goodbye to someone and know that it’s probably the last time you will ever see them.

We went home and I had dinner with my parents and then my mom and I went to the store to rent some movies. She wanted to get Father of the Bride. :) Unfortunately we couldn’t find that. It’s funny how you don’t realize no video rental stores would actually be disappointing. I have netflix at home but my parents don’t. We ended up renting 21 Jump Street (which Michael and I had actually watched a few days ago and yes, it was that good that I was willing to watch it again) and Non-Stop with Liam Nissan. It was a nice evening with the folks.

My dad told me about his upcoming motorcycle trip and I checked out the bike. It’s been undated since I was a kid and he’s currently working on a few of the issues before he leaves. I remember riding with him when I was a kid! It was fun and terrifying at the same time!

After the movies I went to bed and felt sad about my Grandma. I started to think about how I don’t know a lot about my dad’s side of the family and our family history. My dad’s dad was adopted so that makes it even more difficult to find out family heritage. I regretted not finding out more while I had the chance. Unfortunately my grandma couldn’t communicate the family history now even if she remembered it. I was feeling pretty down and could have used a hug from Michael and some cuddles from the beasts.

That’s my dad–probably barely 18 years old when he joined the Marines and soon to be off to Vietnam. That picture was on the dresser in the spare bedroom. Hard to believe he was ever that young!!

The next day I had breakfast with my folks and we relaxed on the deck chatting for a bit before it was time for me to jet. I wanted to miss the holiday traffic on the drive home if that was even possible. I was leaving Seattle and feeling homesick. Whenever I visit I feel like moving back. Anyways, I got lucky again and made good time back to Portland. I was happy to be home. Fat Kitty and Bella created me and I’ve never seen Bella more excited and spastic! LOL It was nice to get a hug from Michael and I came home to a nice little gift:

The neighbor girl was selling rocks she painted and Michael bought me one. :) Anyways, so that’s my random-makes-no-sense post.

Apr 222012

Lovely spring weather finally arrived this weekend! My weekend ended up being a mixed bag of fun, work, some sad news and a feeling of wanting the nice weekend to last a little longer.

Friday I had a fantastic swim after more than a week off from the pool. It was relaxing and energizing. Then I got word that my Great Aunt Margie passed away from stomach cancer. While I wasn’t close to her, I remember her and her husband fondly and I felt really sad for her family and for my Grandma (her sister). It was nice to hear that she was surrounded by her whole family at home when it happened. The whole thing touched me deeper than I was expecting (even though we’d known it was coming since February). I think the whole thing brought up old feelings and memories about when my Grandpa died when I was 17. I think that was the last time I saw Margie, and her son Tommy sang at my Grandpa’s funeral, so all of those things were kind of intertwined in my brain on Friday night. It also brought up memories of the tough times last summer. Stuff like this really does remind you that the important things in life are family and friends.

On Saturday I worked out in the gym and hit the weights hard. It felt awesome. I woke up Sunday and could barely move! I even increased the weight on the free weights to two 20 pounders. I think I’m ready to take some progress pictures soon.

After lunch, Michael and I went shopping for the first items for our vegetable garden. We got lettuce, spinach, kale and sweet yellow onions. I helped Michael plant as much as I could before I had to jet to meet a friend.

Saturday afternoon, I met my friend for pedicures and dinner together. The pedicure was long overdue and felt fantastic. After the pedicures we went out to dinner at Old Wives’ Tale on Burnside. I’d driven by it for years but never went inside. There were so many things on the menu that looked fantastic. I almost ordered waffles…I’ve been craving waffles or pancakes for weeks now.

I ended up ordering the salmon cakes. It came with a cup of soup on the side and I chose minestrone and it also came with a sesame yam puree. The yams were really interesting in flavor. I loved the salmon cakes! They came with a lemon mayo sauce that was fantastic. My friend got the Indian Burrito. It was interesting–like a bean burrito with curry and an apple chutney on top.

After a lovely dinner I went home and finally relaxed.  When I woke up Sunday morning, everything hurt! In a good way. Now for the giveaway winner of a copy of The Swing! Randomly chosen from random.org:

#9 – Barb Mitchell!

Yay! Email me asap with your mailing information and I will pass it on to the publicist. Thanks!

QUESTION: Are you planting a garden this year? What have you planted so far?