Jan 052016


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Sunday morning we awoke to snow in Portland! And not just a light dusting of white, but actual snow! However, it was not a “blizzard”. The above news article is pretty hilarious because people tend to freak out when it snows here. Which doesn’t happen a lot. But it was kind a nice start to 2016!

We had plans to take maternity photos Sunday morning and what’s funny is that our friend, Christi, who did our engagement pictures, originally wanted to go up to Mount Hood to take the baby bump pictures in the snow. Instead I found a nearby park that had covered areas because we were all sure it would be raining when we planned on doing the photos…So it’s pretty funny that she got her wish in Portland–snow. We were going to cancel the photos and reschedule but…it seemed a shame not to take advantage of snowy Portland for our photos. So we did it. :) I’m happy we were able to do them (and get snow photos!) and I can’t wait to see them.


Since the new year is off to a pretty good start, I’d like to make some goals for 2016 even if I’m a little wary of doing so. I mean, I have no idea what it’s going to be like suddenly being a family of three. I don’t want to set myself up with unrealistic expectations, or feel like I’ve somehow been lax in my goals. Really, my big goal for 2016 is to give birth to a healthy baby, recover and learn how to be a mom.


But in the spirit of goal making, feeling nostalgic for past New Year’s Eves and wanting to have something on my radar for 2016 I will make a small list.

Run a 5k.

5k’s are a good distance for me. My body doesn’t seem to rebel against it and I can train for a 5k without injuring myself. In 2015 I ran two 5k races (both while pregnant!) and would LOVE to run another one this year. Obviously that will depend on how my body heals and how the training goes but it’s my goal. I like doing the Portland Parks and Rec 5k series so I will probably pick one of those and I’ll do one at the end of summer or early Fall. That seems to give me an adequate amount of time to train. Wish me luck!

Lose the baby weight.

I’ve talked about this a lot throughout my pregnancy–I dislike the pressure that is put on women to lose the baby weight IMMEDIATELY (and to also not gain very much weight while pregnant). I hate it. I hate the pressure, the expectation; I hate the judgment, the side-eye you often get from other people. I do NOT expect the baby weight to melt off the second I give birth.

During my pregnancy I still counted my calories. I was definitely eating more calories but I did my best to be reasonable about it. I was NOT “eating for two”. I was eating for ME and for the baby, who only needed like 300 extra calories a day. I followed my doctor’s instructions and counted my calories (without beating myself up if I did go over once in awhile) and I tried to make good choices about the food I was eating. Which was a lot easier once I got out of the first trimester. I still worked out (even during the worst of the morning sickness). I listened to my body and did what I could. Sure I modified a lot of things and wasn’t going at the same intensity but I was still very active. Overall I am happy with how I’ve maintained my health while cooking this little bug.

Now that I’m in the last few months, I’m trying to enjoy my changing body. I’m looking forward to the “after” too, because honestly, the biggest adjustment being pregnant for me was my body was no longer my own. I’m looking forward to getting that back–in whatever shape it ends up being in.

All that being said, I do want to lose weight because I am healthier and happier at a lower weight. I lost 110 pounds, kept it off for 7 years and would like to get back somewhat close to what I was at before getting pregnant. I’m not going to be crazy or restrictive about it. I’m simply going to go back to doing what I did before: continue exercising and reduce my calories in a reasonable way.

I know it will take time. I’m willing to do the work. The hardest part will be the mental aspect of it. My body shape being different. The weight coming off slowly. Clothes not fitting quite right. I hope I can adjust ok.

This goal won’t start for awhile. I’ll be following my doctor’s advice, listening to my body and not rushing back into anything until the time is right. My goal is to breastfeed and I know that trying to lose weight while that is happening is not wise, so this goal might be for later in the year. I know *I* won’t be the focus for a long time–but at the same time, I think it’s important for mom and dad to be healthy and take care of themselves, too. So I won’t just be letting things go–taking care of myself is important just like taking care of the baby. I will try and find balance.

Don’t forget about my fur-babies when the real baby gets here!

I really really want to give them all attention and love. I know it may not be the same or the same amount of attention but I’m going to try my best. Bella, Fat Kitty and Maya are family and they will still be family.


I’m really looking forward to getting back into hiking. Bella loves it. I want our baby to be exposed to nature and grow up loving tromping through the woods. I am inspired by the blogger at Trail Snail, who hiked throughout her pregnancy and has THE most adorable little girl who has been going into the woods with them since birth! Love it! I think getting back to hiking will be a good goal for us as a family and a good way to give Bella attention.


Focus on Slowing Down.

I saw this article:  Healthy Habit Forming Gifts to Give Yourself that suggested practicing things like awareness, forgiveness, focus, patience (I need this one!) and community. Those are good categories to build resolutions around as well!

One thing I want to focus more on in the new year is making time for myself and SLOWING DOWN. I tend to overbook my life, over-schedule activities and then when I do get downtime I am burned out and just want to sit in front of the TV and watch Netflix for hours, totally checked out. It’s not a good cycle. But I find that I struggle with just sitting and doing nothing, so I tend to fill my time. ALL my time. I can’t remember the last time Michael and I decided to forgo a scheduled activity and do something on the spur of the moment. It’s time to learn how to stop and smell the roses.

Learn my new camera.

I love the new features of my camera! Michael got me the Canon 760D camera for Christmas and I’ve been slowly experimenting with the new features. I love the photos I’m getting but I need a lot of practice. I have two months to figure out my camera before baby gets here and I’ll take a zillion pictures. 😉


Read 80 books in 2016.

I’m sure all the parents out there reading my goal are laughing at me…but…I have to have a goal, right? I may not get there with a new baby but we’ll see. It feels odd to have such a low goal set for myself after last year’s monster goal! 2015 I read 150 out of 140 books. 2014 I read 139 out of 125. Each year I’ve read roughly 10-20 books more than whatever goal I set for myself. Last year was the biggest goal I had and I met it. Friend me on Goodreads! And send me your favorite book recommendations. :)


What about you? Any goals for the new year?

Nov 022015


For our anniversary I bought Michael tickets to a Blazer game. I had a hard time coming up with something and wanted to think of something fun and not practical (which is what we usually end up doing–Lowe’s gift-cards for every occasion!) and the first anniversary is paper so…game tickets!

Well a month after celebrating our 1 year anniversary we finally got to go out and celebrate! I guess the game I got tickets for was the opening game of the season (shows you how well-versed I am with sports).


Even though we were pressed on time, we went out to dinner first. It wasn’t quite romantic…quickie burritos at Taco Del Mar…and after sitting in rainy traffic for a long time to get to the venue we were in our seats just as they were singing the national anthem.


They were giving out free stuff and every seat had a free t-shirt (nice!) and Michael got those glowing foam stick things. LOL The game started out great and even though I guess most of the team is brand new players, it was a fast-paced, fun game. The Blazers were doing GREAT! They scored like 50 points in the first half of the game! So exciting!


We had a FABULOUS time! It was such a fun game and it was a nice date night. We definitely want to go to some more games this season. I forgot how much fun it is going to a live game. (I hate watching sports on TV.)

It was a late night but a fun one. :)



All week I was dragging ass. I was so sleepy (like about to fall asleep at my desk during my lunch break every day). By Friday I was starting to wonder if I was getting sick. I went swimming and felt ok. Saturday I woke up, felt okay. Went to the gym and did weights and the elliptical. A normal sign of my body fighting off an illness is a high heart rate and poor recovery when I workout. It never fails–except this time? I have no idea. Being pregnant I am definitely not myself. My heart rate is wonky all the time. It’s either really, really low, or high or just all over the place. So that wasn’t necessarily a good sign of what is going on in my body.


I took it easy for most of the day after the gym. Was just feeling tired and it was pouring rain so it didn’t make me super active either.

I was kind of a Scrooge this year. I love Halloween, it’s my favorite holiday, and I have tons of awesome decorations. I used to decorate and every year I say I’m going to throw a Halloween party…and then I never do. This year I just wasn’t feel motivated to do much of anything!

I did get Miss B a “costume.” 😉



My little Candy Corn! And I didn’t want Fat Kitty to feel left out…




We watched “Scream” (hadn’t seen it in years) and handed out candy to the kiddos in the neighborhood, even though it was pouring rain. Poor kids! They were all soaked in their costumes.


Happy Day of the Dead!

Thank goodness for DST! I got an extra hour of sleep and was actually awake early enough to go to yoga. I haven’t been to the Sunday class in awhile–now I remember why I stopped. The class is super packed–like everyone on top of each other. It was really annoying. But I did yoga, ran 1.5 miles on the treadmill and called it good. I was still unable to shake the sleepiness but so far I haven’t gotten sick. I guess this tiredness is just pregnancy??

I spent Sunday doing not much of anything. The evidence:



Netflix, colored pencils and trying to stay awake because it was the middle of the day! I hope this tiredness goes away soon. ZZZZZZZ