Third Trimester – Part 3


The home stretch!

Thanks for all the blog comments, the facebook comments and personal emails regarding the post on weight gain! It was nice to read other people’s experiences and how they felt mentally about it. I don’t know if I articulated very well how I had been feeling about the weight gain–it really was just about seeing numbers on a scale I hadn’t seen in almost a decade and it was a huge shock to the brain.

Somewhere around 34 weeks I started to not care as much about the weight gain. I think part of it was being pretty close to the finish line and part of it was just making peace with it being what it is. When I was 28 or 29 weeks and seeing how much I’d gained I kept thinking…oh my god, I have so much further to go before this is over! If I’ve already gained 30 pounds and I have 10 weeks to go…does that mean I’ll gain 50? 60?? HOLY CRAP. The numbers were freaking me out. But by the time I got to 34 weeks I realized, it’s not that much longer, I’m probably NOT going to gain that much…calm down.

Anyways, thanks for the insight and support!

Week 36….continued!

I guess I hit “publish” a little too soon on the last update! Where I left off: the doctor visit went well, I wasn’t really dilated yet but 50% effaced and baby was already in the birthing position (yikes). The doctor said she’d be surprised if he made it to his due date (March 15th). I kind of dismissed that (and honestly wondered if she cursed me to be two weeks late!!).

Then the next day I started having some cramping again. It felt similar to the period cramps I felt at 32 weeks when we went into Labor and Delivery to check for pre-term labor. It started in my low back in the morning and increased while I was at work. Then it moved into the front and continued. It pretty much went on all day and all evening long. I was leaving work early for an appointment and I texted Michael and told him how I was feeling. He asked if “this is it” or if it was “irritations” (remember, I have an irritable uterus lol). I said I didn’t think this was it but…they were definitely more painful than the “irritable uterus” issue I had!

After my appointment I went home and laid on the couch for the rest of the evening, taking it easy. I drank a bunch of water, I tried to get comfortable (which was a challenge). Used the heating pad on my low back (which didn’t really help). I paced around the house a little bit (with Bella following behind me pacing as well). Took a muscle relaxer and went to bed early. Contractions didn’t wake me up during the night, but having to pee A LOT did.

The next day I went to work with mild cramping (very very mild) and just tried to take it easy.

I just kept thinking…let’s try and wait another week or two baby. I have things to do this week! You can’t come yet.

All week I had contractions off and on. But nothing that seemed to be…sticking around. Nothing that made me think “hmm, maybe I should start timing these?” I’d have days where they were intense and days where they were really mild. Is this what the final weeks are like?? OMG CONTRACTIONS! Just kidding. Not really!

My work threw me a baby shower! It was so sweet of them and people were really, really generous. We literally need nothing for our baby now! It’s pretty funny– we played the shower game where people try and guess how round my belly is with string. The two men there were smart and cut the string about an inch long. LOL Well played fellas!


Week 37

Got my results from the Group B Strep test. Negative! It’s not something that’s a big deal, according to my doctor, but if you’re positive you have to take IV antibiotics during labor to prevent passing it on to the baby. So I’m glad it’s negative–one less thing to think about or plan for during the labor process.

Been training the person who is going to cover my job while I’m on maternity leave. It’s going well and it’s a huge relief that we’ve had a good solid week of training for her. I would have liked to start training earlier but that didn’t happen and I feel a time crunch so I’m kind of speeding through things just in case.

Week 37 began with more cramping. Monday they were pretty intense. It feels very reminiscent of the months when we were trying to conceive and I was symptom spotting trying to figure out if it “worked”. Except now I’m on the “is this a symptom of labor” watch!

Monday I started having mild cramping again that increased as the day went on. It was pretty intense for a few hours–it took my breathe away a few times, made me feel light headed and a little nauseated and my legs felt shaky like an adrenaline dump. Went home and they continued. We went out to dinner to Olive Garden — I was craving the breadsticks for some reason — went to Target for a few things then back home. I went to bed and got a few hours of sleep before being woken up by painful contractions. They lasted the rest of the evening and were pretty painful. Kept me awake pretty much the rest of the night.

Tuesday I ended up staying home from work. Partly due to lack of sleep but mostly because of the contractions. They weren’t really a pattern (or not one that I could figure out in my haze) but I wanted to be home in case they increased. Tuesday morning was mostly back to the mild cramping. Then…a few days of nothing!

Exercise: This week I’m down to three gym days instead of four. Part of it was the contractions I was feeling earlier in the week and being a little nervous about going to the gym. And part of it was just slowing down and feeling like my hips were no longer in the right place on my body! We went for a walk one night after work and it took for-ever to do 1.5 miles. I was so slow!


Symptoms this week: Cramps, on again off again contractions, pelvic pain and groin pain. Ankles, legs and feet are starting to swell. 🙁

Cravings: Not really anything!


Week 38

Monday February 29th I woke up with cramps. Technically still 37 weeks (and 6 days) but whatever. My alarm went off at 6am, cramps started and stuck around all morning. Then after lunch started having some contractions–cramping and waves and then my belly got really tight. Not quite painful but getting close to being painful.

Monday night I made Michael watch Three Men and a Baby (and he actually liked it!!). LOL It was nice to see the movie after so long and it was still pretty funny. My favorite part was when they were trying to first figure out how to feed the baby and change the diapers–using giant toddler diapers. LOL


Tuesday at 1am, I was woken up by painful contractions that I started timing and were about 20-30 minutes apart. They kept me awake for a few hours and I finally dozed off again around 3am and slept fitfully until 6am. Woke up to more contractions, still around 20 minutes apart. We went to our OB appointment and she said I was in “early labor” but that could mean days or a week. No way to tell!

Still just 50% effaced but dilated to 1 cm! But the doctor could feel the baby’s head–which is kind of freaky if you ask me!! Making some progress I GUESS….it was a little bit disappointing to hear it was only 1 cm though. I thought for sure all the cramps and contractions I’ve been having were doing something…

This article was really interesting:  A timeline of a baby’s first hour.

Symptoms this week: Contractions off and on. SI/hip pain is back in full force. Got a massage this week, which was really nice.

Cravings: Grilled cheese sandwiches.


How I’m Feeling

A lot of emotions are going on right now! All these contractions starting and stopping have me feeling both excited and impatient and slightly disappointed whenever they stop and it’s clearly not “time.” I’m happy and excited and READY to meet our baby.

The impatience is hard to deal with. I’m taking it all one day at a time, which makes it hard to make plans. And this is all very new and weird for ME because I plan for everything. It feels very off to not be in control of my schedule and my life. I know, I know, that will go out the window once he’s here. But right now, when he’s not here yet, it feels strange to not be able to plan anything beyond a few hours at a time.

Everyone is excited and I get 100 questions and comments a day from friends, family, coworkers, even strangers…which can be a little tiring. The “yep I’m still pregnant” conversation has begun.


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Second Trimester – Part 3


So the “nesting” part of me actually started this summer in the 1st trimester…I just didn’t do a whole heck of a lot about it because I wasn’t feeling great. But the urge was there! Suddenly all the house projects had big, glowing, blinking, neon lights attached to them and I couldn’t go anywhere in the house without noticing it. Sure, some of it wasn’t necessarily a “must finish” project before the baby came but…some of them were.

I did spend a lot of time cleaning out the spare bedroom we use as a guest room (and the closet has been packed full of my off-season clothes, old mementos in boxes, etc) and made a decent dent in it but honestly didn’t finish it. The rest of it needed to be stored in the garage, which needs to be tackled next to make room for that stuff (including my old bed, an antique four-poster bed that is at least 120+ years old). I donated a ton of old clothes. I packed up clothes I knew wouldn’t be fitting me for a long time and stored those in vacuum-seal bags.

The nesting feeling is strong. I want to get everything ready. I want to clean and organize and purge everything. It’s been a slow process so far.

Week 23

So excited about the kicking! I love it! It’s like a special little secret between me and the baby. No one else can feel it or see it yet, but he kicks me to let me know he’s awake. 🙂 It’s such a cool feeling. Every night when I lay in bed and he starts kicking I talk to him and poke my belly a little bit and he kicks back and I can see it! Like I said in Week 22, it’s subtle and you can barely see the kick, but it’s there. I’m looking forward to when Michael can finally see it and feel it, too.

Went to acupuncture and baby was kicking up a storm. Either he loved it or hated it, not sure. Then later I did some reading and it occurred to me that he probably had the hiccups! That’s what it felt like. Rhythmic, patterned kicking that went on for about 30 minutes. I think he had the hiccups!


Symptoms this week: Charlie horses! Still! I talked to my doctor about it and she suggested I take a combo calcium/magnesium vitamin and that was one we happened to have on hand so I started taking one every night. It seems to be helping a bit! Back is starting to ache a bit.

Cravings: Thai food, still.

Things I Miss: I miss the hot tub, steam room and sauna. I’d use them after swimming and it was relaxing. Now that winter is officially here (brrrr) I really wish I could relax in them, but I can’t…

What I’m Looking Forward To: I’m looking forward to Michael being able to feel the kicks! Hopefully soon!


Week 24

In terms of maternity clothes, I don’t have a lot. I got some maternity jeans and shirts from a friend (awesome) and I’ve bought a few pairs of leggings and about 3 maternity shirts on my own. I’ve also bought a few shirts that weren’t maternity but are a little bigger and longer and are working well. Sadly, I think I need to invest in a few more items soon. I definitely need a swimsuit. I was hoping to get a few more weeks out of this one but it’s not going to happen.

Most of my normal shirts still “fit” but aren’t long enough. 🙁 So I need to get a few more shirts and sweaters for this winter that cover the bump. And the big expense is going to be a new jacket. Sadly, mine is ALMOST to the point where I can’t zip it up. It sucks that I’m going to have to buy a jacket that I’ll only use for 3 months or so, but whatever. It’s necessary. I figure I have a few more weeks with this jacket and then I need a new one.


Symptoms this week: Okay, not sure quite how to describe this but I feel like the baby has moved positions and is now kicking me in the colon. The kicks feel down low and in the back, not in the front. It’s a super odd feeling–a sudden thump, in a weird place!

Other symptoms have been sore, tired feet and legs, some back and hip discomfort and my nails are breaking for some reason. Throughout the pregnancy my nails were amazing and strong–I’m guessing in part due to prenatal vitamins. But all of a sudden they are thin and breaking. Not sure what’s up but I’ve cut them down to zero. No nice fingernails for awhile I guess.

Cravings: Spicy food. Mostly Thai. Been craving anything spicy! And the baby seems to like it. He kicks up a storm when I eat Thai food. 😀

Things I Miss: Soft cheeses! I’d really love some herbed goat cheese on crackers….

What I’m Looking Forward To: Scheduled our hospital tour in a few weeks. I’m looking forward to that. Also signed up for childbirth classes for January!


Week 25

I’ve been having some Braxton Hicks Contractions off and on for a few weeks. From what I’ve read it’s normal after 20 weeks and nothing to be concerned about. I talked to my doctor and she said it wasn’t a big deal unless it started to feel like real contractions. I was like, “how can you tell?” She said you’ll know the difference because real contractions are painful, consistent and timeable. The BH I’ve experienced are not painful, more weird and slightly uncomfortable, and feels like a tightening in my belly and like my belly gets hard. They last less than 30 seconds and don’t happen on a regular basis.

I watched the pre-term labor video at my last OB appointment a month ago. It was an awful video–from the 90’s, terrible acting, terrible clothes, super dated and cheesy and kept saying (several times!!) “your baby could DIE!” Thanks, I totally needed one more thing to worry about. The video was ridiculous. And one of the actors was saying that she wouldn’t mind a preemie baby because it would be smaller…? Who says that??! They need a new video to show people. I would have much rather been given a list of “pre-term labor signs” to watch for and called it good. But whatever.

So that’s when we discussed BH and telling the difference between them and possible pre-term labor. The doctor also said that dehydration can be a cause of BH, too, and I’ve noticed that when I feel them most it’s first thing in the morning when I’m still in bed. So I just need to drink some more water I guess (when I get up 10x a night to pee, I’ll drink some water I guess!).


Symptoms this week: The back pain and hip pain have officially started. I am doing what I can to take it easy, rest, use a heating pad on my back when it gets bad and I am trying to pay attention to my posture. It’s hard because my body seems to be naturally pitching forward instead of the usual straight posture.

Skin has been super dry and itchy lately. Partly pregnancy, partly weather I think. Acne is back with a vengeance. 🙁

Cravings: Raw veggies (specifically cauliflower) with blue cheese dressing.

Best Purchase this Week: Trader Joe’s Coconut Body Butter. I used to use it religiously (especially after swimming) but stopped buying it for awhile and now it’s back! And my skin feels much better for it!


Week 26

Apparently this week Baby is the size of a butternut squash. That seems huge!

Had my last OB appointment of the 2nd trimester! I now get to pee into a cup at every appointment. Yippee? They tested for proteins and sugars in my urine and both her negative. The baby is measuring right on track and everything is going well.

I’m not excited about the weight gain. I’ve gained 18 pounds total so far. Doctor wasn’t concerned and said everything is measuring properly. She’s not concerned about pre-eclampsia because I don’t have any symptoms of it and my blood pressure has been great throughout (it was 110/72 at that last appointment and the week before it was 113/62 at the dentist).

I did some reading and I guess it’s common to have a big jump in weight around week 25-27 (baby starts putting on fat around this time) that is abnormal compared to the previous months but still….it made me panic a little. Supposedly around this time most women have gained 20-23 pounds. I’m hoping that the rest of the gaining is slow and steady as opposed to this massive climb I had in one month!


Symptoms this week: I think I’ve been having acid reflux. I’ve been asking Michael if I have heart burn (because I’ve never had it before and he unfortunately suffers from it) and he keeps saying no. I don’t have the burning sensation that he describes, it’s more like burping and having a little bit of acid in my throat. But it doesn’t burn in my throat or chest. So no idea!

Fatigue in my legs, low back and hips. Tossing and turning in bed is really difficult. Having no ab muscles sucks! LOL It often feels like my hips are not attached to my body anymore…

Cravings: CAKE! I am usually not a cake fan. It’s my least favorite dessert option–give me ice cream, brownies or homemade cookies and I’m happy. Cake is usually the last thing I’ll want but dammit I want a piece of really good chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting.


Week 27

Um…..yikes! The 2nd trimester is over?!?! How is that possible?

Baby boy is kicking like crazy! I’ve been calling him Thumper. Seriously. It feels like he’s doing somersaults in there and his kicks are getting fierce. It’s funny because whenever Michael tries to feel it, the baby suddenly gets quiet or shy or something…!

Had my Gestational Diabetes test done. Thankfully it came out okay.


Symptoms this week: Hip pain, SI pain, dry itchy skin, I feel bigger. I LOOK BIGGER! Holy cow baby.

Cravings: I’d been craving those apple fritter donut things for weeks and finally had one and it was disappointing. Other than that I’ve been craving carbs like mad. Especially like flaky butter rolls or garlic bread. Stuff like that. I have no idea why because I never used to eat bread-y type things like that.


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