Portland January 21, 2017

PROUD to be part of the 100,000+ people who marched peacefully in Portland, Oregon on Saturday 1/21/17.

THANKFUL for Portland Police, their assistance, their humor, their good natured and positive spirit and PUSSY WEARING HAT OFFICERS who took hundreds of photos with the marchers and kept us SAFE.

GRATEFUL to my feminist husband who encouraged and supported me participating in the march (and drove me downtown and dropped me off).

HAPPY for the positive, pro-active energy at the march.

EXCITED about participating with friends and seeing the photos and videos on facebook of all the friends and family across the nation who participated.

EMPOWERED to stand with those in need. Women, children, people of color, the environment, everyone. I will speak up.

HOPEFUL we can resist. We will not regress. We will fight, we will move forward for equality.