7 Links and Google Searches

I saw this “7 Links” thing going around and it gave me a good excuse to look back at some old posts that I’d forgotten about. So here are my links:

Most Beautiful: This is the post about my Photo Shoot for the magazine cover I was on last October. The whole process made me feel beautiful and I love that I got to keep the professional photos.

Most Popular: This is a hard one to narrow down. Michael’s guest post about Time Trial Bikes/Triathlon Bikes has had the most hits. My post How To Swim Freestyle is the second most popular. The fact that a swim post is so popular makes me happy because swimming is how I lost my weight.

Most Controversial: This one is another tie. The first controversial post I’d pick is Why I Sucked At Being a Vegetarian. This was controversial simply because I feel like anyone in this healthy blog “bubble” that goes against the Vegan/Vegetarian lifestyle gets attached or criticized. I wish it wasn’t that way, but unfortunately the judgment is rampant. The second controversial post was Why I Wouldn’t Do Hood To Coast Again. That makes me sad.

Most Helpful: Lap Swimming Etiquette is the most helpful post I think. I was surprised to find that so many people who wanted to try swimming had no idea what the etiquette is. Glad I could help!


Surprise Success: How To Lose Weight – Week Four. I enjoyed doing this series a lot. This week’s addition got the most hits of all.

Not Enough Attention: I’m really surprised that this post did not get much attention or comments. Maybe readers were just tired of reading about Hood To Coast.

Most Proud: I am most proud about the post I wrote about running in Arizona. It was the first time I ran outside after an entire Fall/Winter of no running or being stuck on the treadmill because of my injury. I am so happy about this post!


It’s that time again to laugh (or cringe) at the Google Searches that brought people to my site.

“gut buster taco salad recipe” — I’m pretty sure the taco salads I make are not a gut buster!

“how to lose 100 pounds in 4 months without exercising” — SIGH. I wish it were that easy but it’s not. Just do the work.

“i finally learned to swim!” — Yay! Good for you!

“can men use nike training club” — Of course they can! Anyone can use it and it’s really helpful too.

“massaging my feet” — I would love a foot massage, thanks.

“pancake butt to bubble butt” — Try squats. It did wonders for me!

“slut” — Really?? You don’t know me!

“ways to finish marathon when not trained” — GOODNESS!!! Why are so many people looking for the easy way out?

“men in spandex” — Oh yeah. πŸ˜€

“losing weight what happens to skin” — If you lose it slowly and with exercise, the loose skin should snap back for the most part.

“will coming out make me lose friends” — If you lose friends because of this, they weren’t your real friends. Period. Get better friends.

I am off enjoying some time out of Portland. I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

QUESTION: What is the weirdest Google Search someone has used to find your blog? What are 7 Links?

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  1. Thanks for the swimming posts. I recently picked swimming back up again, after joining a 24-hr fitness gym. I really like to swim, but my form is extremely novice, and I know i probably hurt myself from being so self-taught!

  2. Someone actually came across my blog by googling “11 year old naked girl for sale”… how disturbing is THAT?!

    I can only see the 10 most common searches on my Blogger–do you know of a way to see the past searches? I actually have quite a few crazy ones, but I can’t remember them anymore!

    1. Oh that’s awful! I am so curious WHY they were googling that and HOW it came to your site!

      I’m not sure about how Blogger works. I was only on Blogger for a month or two before switching to WordPress and they show all search history.

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