My First Photo Shoot

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I didn’t want to say anything until I knew FOR SURE it was happening…but First Health Magazine for Women is doing a story about my weight loss!

Originally, the article scope was going to be about fiber and lethargy but the woman writing the article changed the scope of it after hearing my story. I did an email interview with her about a month ago, sent before and after photos, and then it was a waiting game. She contacted me a few weeks ago saying that her editors loved my story and they wanted to do an article about how I lost 100 pounds doing my own program. It sounds like the scope of the article is now about how I was pre-diabetic and that’s what motivated me to lose the weight.

Well last week I did a phone interview with her. She was really nice and seemed impressed with my story. She had a lot of really good, interesting questions! I’m excited to actually see it in print. Of course, part of me is trying not to get too excited because anything can happen between now and October when my story is supposed to come out.

Saturday was my photo shoot for the magazine article. They sent a freelance Hair and Makeup girl (Amy) to my house and she spent almost two hours getting me ready! It turned out that my hair was the biggest challenge. It took forever to dry and then recurl. I have naturally curly hair–which can be a challenge. 🙂

Of course Fat Kitty was in the middle of everything supervising my Hair and Makeup experience. 😛

It was weird sitting still for so long and letting someone do all sorts of things to your hair and face–that you cannot see! I trusted Amy though. She seemed really professional and her own makeup looked great.

Michael would poke his head into the living room and occasionally take photos. Then my parents arrived from Seattle. I was glad they arrived early enough to be part of it.

After the hair and makeup was done, we went down to the park for the shoot. Ty, the photographer was REALLY nice and it was a great experience. It felt really weird at first. I was awkward and wasn’t sure what to do with my hands.

My mom tried to be stealthy and take some photos with my camera. 🙂 Ty didn’t mind so that was cool. Amy was there to puff up my hair in between shots. Once outside for awhile, the hair started to flatten a little.

They wanted me to have two different tops so I wore the purple shirt first and then half way through the photo shoot I changed to the pink shirt.

It was strange posing in a park and having strangers walk by or drive by and stare. I tried not to notice.

It was a really fun experience. I can’t wait to see the professional photos!

Author: Lisa Eirene

About Lisa Eirene Lisa lost 110 pounds through calorie counting and exercise. She swims, bikes, runs, hikes and is enjoying life in Portland, Oregon. Her weight loss story has been featured in First Magazine, Yahoo Health, Woman's Day and

26 thoughts on “My First Photo Shoot”

  1. Woot! You look fantastic, and I can’t wait to get the article. Even though we’ve never met, I feel like I know you and will now know someone in a magazine, so cool!

  2. Hi, Lisa! I saw you in FIRST magazine. I have a blog as well, and it’s to help me try to get healthier and chronicle my journey to better health and fitness. I read the Dr. Oz article about tiredness. I am always always tired. Exhausted even. I don’t know if my issue is prediabetes, but it’s a suspicion I’ve had for some time. The article just added more credence to that suspicion. Prediabetes? Anemia – whichever, I am ill and always tired.

    I completely relate to your previous problem of not having enough energy to do anything but watch television. Except, for me, it’s sitting in front of the computer wasting away on facebook. It’s no way to live.

    Thanks! I will come back and read often!

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