Ghosts of Christmases Past

Looking through old photos always makes me emotional. It’s much more evident how far I’ve come when I see the photographic evidence right in front of me. Here are the last 5 years of my life:

Christmas 2005, at 250 pounds:

Christmas 2006, 228 Pounds:

Christmas 2007, 180 Pounds:


Christmas 2008, 144 pounds:

Christmas 2009, 159 Pounds:

Christmas 2010, 145 Pounds?

I put the question mark there because I skipped the December weigh-in. The normal weigh-in date fell during a time when I just couldn’t deal with any more potential disappointments. I will weigh-in in January instead. That’s my Christmas present to myself!

QUESTION: How do you feel when you look at old Christmas photos of yourself? Do you feel happy that you’ve come a long way?

A Blast from the Past

My friend Rachel sent me some photos she found online. In 2006, we went to Chicago together. I weighed at the minimum of 250 pounds. Here are two pictures she wanted to share with me:

John Hancock Observatory
Chicago Boat Tour

It was quite shocking to see. It’s easy to forget how much I used to weigh. Even though I have a blog essentially about losing that weight, being fat isn’t something I give a lot of thought too. I’ve gotten used to my “new” body.

Anyway, for breakfast this morning, I had my leftover quiche from last night’s dinner and an English muffin.


It was just as delicious the second time!

I ran at lunch today. I was talking myself out of running all morning. I was tired. I was a bit sore. My glutes were all twitchy last night. I ran yesterday…I came up with all sorts of excuses to NOT run. But in the end, I put my shoes on and got my butt outside.

One of Michael’s sayings is “the hardest part of working out is putting on your shoes.” Soooo true. Sometimes my heart just isn’t into it. But if I put my shoes on and go outside, I NEVER regret it. Today was no different.

The sun was out and it was beautiful. I did NOT need my jacket today. I had a fantastic run too. For the first mile I had some heel discomfort but it disappeared after my warm up. I kept a really good pace as I ran and finished with a good time.

Today’s Stats:

Time: 34:30

Calories Burned: 431

Pace: 8’13”

When I got back, I realized I forgot to take photos. Here’s me all sweaty (gross):

After the Run

No jacket! And today I realized it’s time to start packing the sunscreen!

Lunch was leftover Mac n’ Cheese from the other night. I’m full, tired, happy and ready to go home and relax!

QUESTION: What motivates you to exercise?