Day Three

My brother and his wife went on a 7+ mile hike and we went for an “easy” hike. We did the Kiholo Trail. It was rocky lava and then a really nice sandy beach!

It was exposed and hot, but not too difficult. We saw a bunch of goats randomly. Actually, all through Waikoloa and Waimea we saw random wild goats on the side of the road.

The beach was secluded and empty and really beautiful.

After the hike we got lunch in Kona at Broke da Mouth Grindz. Michael got the fried chicken and it was AMAZING. I got the kalua pork and it was so so good! Not too salty, kinda smoky. Perfect. I ate half of it!

This day Logan was kind of the perfect child. He was adjusting to the time change I guess. He was an angel in the restaurant and for the whole day. Gold star!

Next up: the Beach!

We went to Anaeho’omalu Bay (A-Bay) at the Waikoloa Village and it was kind of the PERFECT beach! Free parking, huge lot, short walk to the beach, nice facilities. I definitely recommend going to this one.

There were some palm trees, a nice beach and perfect water (no big waves) and perfect for me to swim laps! So far I swam every day in the ocean and it was amazing!

We had dinner and local donuts by the fire pit in the backyard and then went to bed early. It was a nice day.

Hillside & Seaside

I got some new hiking boots!

I really needed them. For awhile now, whenever I went hiking my feet hurt. My ankle hurt in a weird spot (achilles) and I couldn’t go as far as I would like. Our most recent hike was super easy and flat and my body was NOT happy. Later that night when we got home I was hurting. I even had shin splints. So the next day I went to REI and tried on some different boots and ended up with these:

Merrell Moab 2 boots. I love REI and I can try these boots out for 1 year and if I don’t like them or they cause me issues, I can return them! I think that’s awesome!

I got to test them out over the weekend. We had plans to go to the beach with friends but they weren’t feeling well. We decided to go anyways and go for a hike. We did Tillamook Head in Seaside. We did it once before, when Logan was little. Check out the old post and see photos of LITTLE Logan!!! Oh my!

It’s kinda crazy that last time we did this hike, Logan was probably a year and a half old and still in the hiking backpack. LOL Now he’s a little hiker!

He did so good! We did almost 3 miles roundtrip and he didn’t ask to be carried or act tired at all. We turned around and headed back because of time and lunch.

The trail is still pretty wet, soggy, muddy and slippery in places. But we did ok.

There were only a few parts of the trail that were kinda sketchy for a little kid (a washout). Last time we did it, there had been damage from trees and the trail had been blocked. They’d fixed it and we had no issues this time.

It was a great hike!

It’s a pretty steep hike, too. Lots of uphill. Despite it being the hardest hike Logan’s ever done, he did a great job!

After the hike we drove a short ways to the beach. I’m not sure which beach it was but it was popular with surfers!

We had a picnic lunch on the beach. It was sunny and almost 70 degrees.

It was so nice! We had a great time. Then Logan played in the sand, of course.

And then Logan and I played in the surf. He loved standing at the edge and then running from the water as the tide came in.

We did that for a long time (surprisingly, the water wasn’t too cold!). Then Logan and I got hit with a big, surprise wave! I grabbed Logan and picked him up and ran for the shore! I was drenched from the waist down. Yikes. LOL We were ok and I wasn’t in danger of falling down but Logan did. Thankfully I was holding on to him and was able to pick him up quick. It wasn’t scary until like an hour later. Oy.

Since we were both drenched and it was around 2pm anyways, we packed up, changed at the car and Logan fell asleep immediately.

It was a great day, despite the wave drenching us. It was nice to get out of the city and get a mixture of woods and hills and beach! AND my new boots were GREAT! No pain at all!