cyclists in snow

Typical Portland

The weather is turning ugly in Portland…freezing rain, ice storms, and possible snow. Here are some great photos of last year’s snow storm in Portland. Typical Portlanders:

So far the weather prediction is snow tonight and tomorrow and then the temperature should rise. I don’t think I need to panic quite yet about being stranded in the snow for a week.

Of course all anyone can talk about at work today is the weather! Snow! Ice! Panic! Portland doesn’t get much snow historically anyways…2 years ago we had the biggest snow storm we’d had in probably a decade.


I’d been dating Michael for about 8 months or so by that time. I’d just started working at my current job and the Snowpocalypse hit when we weren’t expecting it. I’d stayed at Michael’s house Saturday night and woke up Sunday to my car covered in snow. There was no way I could get it out either.

My Old Car Buried in Snow

It’s hard to tell, but that’s my car in the lower left corned of the photo. 😉

“Snowfall for Dec. 2008 totaled 18.9 inches. December also marked the second-snowiest month in Portland’s recorded history, bested only by the remarkable 41 inches of snow that fell on the Rose City in January, 1950.”

I ended up being stranded at Michael’s house for an entire week. The snow just kept coming down! It was actually a really fun, romantic time in our relationship.

That blue head behind Michael is his roommate Shoe photobombing us. 😉

Luckily my neighbor at my apartment had a key and could get into my apartment to feed the kitties and make sure they were okay. I was so worried about being away from them all week.

I spent the week hanging out with Michael and his roommate, Shoe. We had a fire in the fireplace, watched hours of TV and movies and eventually ventured into the snow to walk to the store for food (and alcohol).

It was fun having a week off from work because of snow. 5 days later, I made it back to my apartment (the drive home was terrifying) and was reunited with my kitties.

Fat Kitty loves to explore in the snow. He was so cute playing. 🙂

Part of me hopes we have a repeat of the Snowmaggedon this year…just so I can stay home with Michael and the kitties with a roaring fire and lots of movies. Of course, the practical me says “I’ve got too much shit to do this week! No snow!”

Of course if I get snowed in, that’s plenty of time to bake and try more recipes from my new cookbook. If you’re catching up on the weekend reading, be sure to read my post about the West African Cashew Soup. It was freakin’ amazing! It’s a shame Michael had the stomach flu all weekend and couldn’t eat it. 🙁 It’s definitely a winner.

QUESTION: Do you get much snow where you live? And does your city handle the weather well?