Gustav’s Restaurant

German Food – Minus the Beer

Dinner last night was Gustav’s.


I got home from work (and errands) and didn’t feel like cooking any more than Michael did. He wanted to go to Red Robin and I vetoed that. I looked online to find something at Red Robin that I could eat and came up empty. Their burgers average about 1000 calories each! Holy crap! We compromised and went to the nearby German restaurant.

Beer Menu

One of the things I like to do at Gustav’s is get a beer tasting. But after the bottle of wine I had Sunday night, I had NO desire to drink! Just ice water for me!

Something else I like about Gustav’s is the “lighter” menu they offer. You can order a half sandwich with a side for a lighter meal. I ordered the half Grilled Ham and Cheese sandwich with a salad (vinaigrette dressing on the side) and I ordered a side of asparagus.

Mmmm Dinner

Dinner was really tasty! And I didn’t feel like I gorged myself.

Side of Veggies

I asked the waitress what the “seasonal veggie” option was and she said asparagus. I love asparagus! I immediately ordered that. I was a bit disappointed when it came drenched in oil. 🙁 That kind of negates the whole “I want a side of veggies to be healthy” move. Oh well. It was still yummy.

I’m happy with my food choices yesterday. I was able to even have a small bowl of ice cream with light chocolate syrup for dessert when we got home.

QUESTION: When you eat out, do make healthy choices? Or get distracted by all the yummy, fattening foods?