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A New Theme

I drank the tea from Whole Foods with breakfast this morning. I love it! It’s not sweet at all. I was skeptical about no sweetener–thinking the lemon would be too bitter or sour but it was delicious!

Breakfast was scrambled eggs with some cheese, half a bagel thin and some bacon. I ate the smaller piece of bacon and gave the other one to the BF. I also snagged a few pieces of juicy cantalope.

Lunch today is leftovers from last night’s dinner.

I changed the theme for my blog this morning. Hopefully soon I can recruit the BF to help me design my own logo to use. Until then, I think I like the new theme. What do you guys think?

The plan for tonight is to swim and take it easy. We have no firm plans yet for the long weekend. It might be kind of nice to just relax! I do hope to get in a bike ride. I haven’t been on the bike since Reach the Beach.

QUESTION: What are your weekend plans?