‘Roid Rage

I spent about 2 hours at the doctor’s office on Monday morning. Blood tests, doctor appointment, chest x-ray, EKG, pharmacy…This is NOT my idea of a vacation, Body. Pull it together dammit!

EKG - Normal!


The verdict: The doctor said it’s probably the return of the Costochondritis which is inflammation in the rib cartilage. I first experienced it last Fall after Hood to Coast.

The doctor also said I could have developed asthma because of the bronchitis I had last month. Who knows? I am just glad that my lungs are clear. I had a bad case of pneumonia years ago and was in the hospital as a result. Ever since that I’ve been extra worried about lung illnesses.

Also because of my hospital stint from pneumonia it’s near impossible for the nurses to draw blood. πŸ™ I look like a pin cushion. They always struggle with finding a good vein (thanks to IV antibiotics I have none) and they never believe me when I say they won’t find a good vein. They insist they can do it. I was stuck like 4 times in my arms on Monday. Ouch!

I look like a junkie with track marks! UGH!

The one thing I like about going to the doctor is getting my blood pressure checked. I get so happy when I see the low numbers! It used to be insanely high and seeing that small number now is like a High-Five.


So now for the ‘roid rage. The doctor gave me two options: take a steroid inhaler twice a day for awhile or take a low dose of prednisone. UGH! As soon as she said the words I groaned and just felt dread. I’ve heard all the stories about prednisone. I have a few friends who take it for something and they’ve complained about all the side effects they cause. Mood swings, irritability, weight gain, hunger…

I so don’t want to deal with any of these side effects. But when I told my doc I was leaving on a jet plane she said to take the prednisone. The steroid inhaler would take too long to start to work.

I am not looking forward to seeing the results of steroids on the scale but honestly I’d really like to just feel better so I’ll do anything at this point.


After work on Monday I met my friend Star for a much needed pedicure and then dinner at her house. I took lots of lovely photos of my freshly decorated toes and the yummy dinner….then promptly forgot to save the photos before I deleted them. Dang it! Trust me when I say it was all delicious. πŸ™‚

Now it’s Tuesday and I feel a lot better. I don’t know if the issue healed itself or if the prednisone is finally kicking in. I do know that everyone seems to have their horror stories about the drug. Yuck. I hope my short-lived experience with it will be non-eventful.

QUESTION: How often do you pamper yourself? What’s your favorite way to do so?