The Mother of All Relays

Crossing the Finish Line

I never thought I would be doing something like this.

I never thought I’d lose the weight.

I never thought I’d be “skinny.”

I never thought I would become a Runner.

I never thought I COULD run a race like Hood To Coast.

Remember how I said I was an emotional wreck after Leg 24? That I was sad and lonely and feeling overwhelmed with my emotions? Those were some of the thoughts I had been having. And those were the thoughts I had while I was running my last Leg–Leg 36.

I left off my story with reaching the Boardwalk at Seaside. One mile left. I could see the tips of the tents on the beach ahead of me. I knew the finish was close. I wasn’t going to cry. I was going to smile and be happy when I crossed that damn finish line!

I wasn’t just overwhelmed with negative emotions–I was MORE overwhelmed with the positive emotions! The: “I DID IT!” and “I RAN HOOD TO COAST!” I was sooo proud that I’d come as far as I had! And I did NOT WALK!

I kept running down the boardwalk, the tents getting bigger and closer. Other people who’d already crossed the finish line were telling me “Good job” and “Keep going, you’re almost there!” I felt so determined! Sort of like that scene in a horror movie where the heroine of the story (bloodied and crippled) drags her body across the floor to shoot the psycho killer. I’m freakin’ DOING this!

I got to the finish area. My feet hit the sand and the last few feet I was limping, stumbling, dragging myself across the sand to the staging area. My team number was announced and the rest of my team appeared next to me. The loudspeakers blared our team name ALL 12 of us CROSSED THE FINISH LINE together!

Right before I was crossing the Finish Line, I saw Michael immediately! My heart soared! He made it! He was here at the finish line!!! I was so happy! Tired, sore, in pain, but HAPPY!

Leg 36 Stats:

Time: 59:48

Distance: 5.23 miles

Pace: 11’43

Calories Burned: 622


Our Rank: #927

Pull It Together Team #210

Total team Time: 31:32:02