weekend update

Hoppy Easter!

My little Easter Bunny had a GREAT weekend! 😀 The zoo and then Easter! We dyed easter eggs Saturday night. It was the first time for Logan.

Sunday morning Michael and I got up early and hid eggs around the house and then got Logan dressed and told him to find the eggs! He was so excited! It was cute to watch.

He found all his eggs and then found his basket. A friend gave me an Easter book that I put in his basket. He had a chocolate bunny, a new matchbook car, a small Elmo, a matching game, and a car from the movie “Cars.”

Seeing the joy on his face was fantastic. <3 He had candy before breakfast, of course. 😀 And played with his new toys. I went to the gym and then we went to Michael’s mom’s house for lunch. There were more eggs to find there!

She made her usual Easter fare: a cheese and potato casserole (which is good but I skipped because it’s not on the diet), and a crab and egg casserole that is sort of on the diet so I ate that. Plus she made a ham and had fruit salad (I had the strawberries from the salad), scones (I skipped those) and deviled eggs. Michael’s sister makes the deviled eggs and they are always great!

So except for some of the candy I swiped from Logan (ooops), I was on the keto diet for Easter.

For dinner, I made a Cuban Picadillo. Awhile ago I tried the Skinny Taste version and I liked it but found it a little bit on the plain side. So I looked for a different recipe to try. I used this recipe.

Verdict: DELICIOUS! I liked it a lot better than SkinnyTaste’s version. It had a lot more flavor.

So here’s the part where I talk about where I altered the recipe. 😉 Only because I started cooking and realized I didn’t have everything I needed! I didn’t have a green pepper so I used red. I used 80% beef instead of 90% (keto). I used red onion because I happened to be out of all other onions! I always have tons of onions, I don’t know what happened.

Anyways, the dinner was excellent. Topped with fresh cilantro, avocado and sour cream.

I would definitely make this version of the recipe again. I thought next time it needed it hint of lime. So I’ll add lime juice. Other than that, it was excellent! Would make again for sure!

It’s a Zoo

For Logan’s birthday my parents got us a zoo membership. So for the first time ever, Logan went to the zoo this weekend! I haven’t been to the Oregon Zoo in about 10 years I think. I think the last time I went was with friends for Zoo Lights at Christmas time.

I was pretty excited about sharing the zoo experience with Logan and for a long time thought about taking him but just never did. So we were pretty excited about having a membership now. The nice thing about having a membership is that members get into the zoo 30 minutes early. This weekend we got an email that members could get in an hour early! So we decided to get up early Saturday and go out there. It was nice that they opened early for members because when we were leaving later the parking lot was already full. It was crazy!

We told Logan we were going on an adventure. He was super excited! I knew his mind would be completely BLOWN. And it was. I think, honestly, it was overwhelming for him. He was shot out of a cannon, running like a madman. But it was ok.

His favorite thing of all was the lion exhibit. Of course, I should have guessed! His favorite movie has been The Lion King, so of course.

I thought for sure the elephants would be the most exciting thing for him. They were always my favorites. 🙂

It was pretty fun. Despite the meltdown when it was time to go. 😉 Next time we’ll bring snacks and water and a stroller for when Logan gets tired. I think it was just too much of everything. We ended up walking 2 miles in an hour and a half in the zoo. Logan probably walked/ran 3!

We didn’t even see half of the zoo. There’s a ton more to see and do. Next time we’ll have to do the train, too. That will probably be Logan’s favorite thing. 😉

We were home by 11. Logan had lunch and then crashed. I went to the gym for a quick session. I’m still taking it easy. I did a short cardio session and then my first weight lifting session since before my surgery.

And when Logan woke up from his nap he watched the Lion King movie with his Lion and Monkey stuffed animals. 😀