Los Angeles

Thanks for reading my Hawaii recaps! I enjoyed writing them and sharing pictures of our adventures and it’s nice to look back and relive it a little bit. Especially in rainy Oregon….:)

We got back from Hawaii and then two weeks later, we were back at the airport! (We booked Hawaii a year ago and then a few months ago, one of Michael’s favorite bands reunited after like 20 years for just a few shows, so my parents babysat Logan for a long weekend and Michael and I flew to LA!)

It was a quick trip. And busy. PDX is usually a great airport to fly out of. We got there early, got through security quickly and had a leisurely breakfast and then boarded our flight…only for it to be cancelled. I’ve never had something like this really happen before and it was stressful. (When I was 18 and about to fly home from London, our flight got cancelled –before we got to the airport–that it was cancelled due to weather in the states so we actually got 2 extra days in London!)

Anyways…PDX…so like we sat on the plane for over an hour while they tried to fix the technical issues (YIKES!) and then let people off the plane temporarily, which turned into a full-on cancellation.

Michael was super stressed because he had tickets to the concert for Thursday and Friday night and if we didn’t get to LA, he’d miss it. We got another flight to San Francisco and then to LA. It was SUCH a long day. πŸ™

We arrived at LAX (three or so hours later than planned), got our rental car and I drove Michael to Hollywood and dropped him off (it took an HOUR to drive 11 miles, and that was taking all the backstreets!).

Then I drove back to the airport where our hotel was. We stayed at the H Hotel near the airport because our flight home was going to be SO early. I stopped at a Ralph’s and got a salad, a bottle of rose and some yogurt and ate dinner in the room (and I MIGHT have gotten a Krispy Kreme donut too) and crashed.

Friday I got up and worked out in the hotel gym, which was really nice! I did the elliptical and some weights while Michael slept in (he got in late from the show).

Then showered and we got breakfast at Hash . It was really delicious!

Then we went to Marina del Ray. We were in Los Angeles a bunch of years ago and never made it there. So I wanted to check it out. We went to Burton Chace Park and walked around and saw a TON of sea lions!

I posted some videos on my instagram if you want to see. There were so many!

We walked around and then went to Venice Beach and walked around there, did some shopping and sight seeing before heading back to the hotel (with a quick stop at In-n-Out for lunch!).

Everywhere in LA there were Kobe Bryant tributes, too. I saw a bunch being painted as I drove by them, too.

There was a ton of art all around Venice, which is cool. Venice Beach is fun. I could have spent more time there.

Friday night I dropped Michael off at the second show in Hollywood again and I stopped by The Grove to check it out. It’s basically an outdoor mall that kind of reminded me of Caesar’s Palace shopping in Vegas.

For dinner Friday night I drove to Santa Monica and ended up walking around the Promenade a bit and then had dinner at The Misfit. The Misfit turned out to be the restaurant Michael and I went to last time we were there! I just kinda stumbled upon it. It was good.

I got two appetizers: the crispy brussels sprouts and the mussels with sourdough and chorizo sausage in a tomato and fennel broth. It was all very delicious!

After walking around some more I went back to the hotel and fell dead asleep again!

Happy Birthday from Hawaii!

We left rainy Portland for 8 days in Hawaii! We planned this last year and booked the house on the Big Island with my parents and brother and his wife. It was the first time we’ve all gone on vacation together. I was really looking forward to this.

A bit of a whirlwind! Logan did pretty good for his first time traveling on an airplane. A friend drove us to the airport and we got through TSA ok (with a toddler!) and had a quick breakfast and then boarded the plane. Logan’s favorite part was the people mover in the airport. πŸ™‚

The flight was pretty good. Logan played with toys, colored, watched a movie, took a nap. He only got fussy at the very end when we were about 40 minutes from landing in Kona.

Getting our car was kind of a nightmare. There was only one person working and the line took FOREVER. And Logan was ready to get some energy out! But we got our car, got a quick snack and then arrived at the rental house and met up with my parents. 

My mom and I got some groceries. The fruit in Kona is AMAZING! The avocados were spectacular and HUGE too.

Then we made burgers at the house, got settled in the house and went to bed. It was a gorgeous day in Hawaii but we were all SUPER tired. We tried to keep Logan up later so he could adjust a little to the time but he kind of burned out. We all slept super good but were up at 4am. OUCH. I was going to be a LONG day.

The house we rented was amazing! Big enough for 7 people to be comfortable. There was a master bedroom (for us) with a master bath and walk in closet. There was another bedroom with a queen (my brother and his wife got that one) and a bedroom with two twin beds. Then another bedroom with a queen downstairs where my parents slept. There was a huge lanai with a view of the trees and ocean and the backyard had a hot tub, fire pit and an outdoor shower.

Day Two My birthday! Hello 40! 

It got kind of a rough start. We were all up early, Logan was out of sorts. The time change was hard. Being out of his routine was hard. He had a ton of extra energy and things were just HARD. 

We went to the Kona Farmer’s Market first. We got a bunch of fresh fruit! SO GOOD! And some souvenirs. Logan got a turtle luggage tag as a souvenir and his very first wallet. πŸ™‚ I got a dress, Michael got a Hawaiian shirt and we got a few souvenirs. Then we walked to the small beach across from the Farmer’s Market. 

After that we got lunch at Da Poke Shack! Michael and I have thought about that poke for like 7 YEARS!!!!!! And we finally got to have it again and it was just as amazing as we remembered it!

Then we went to the beach– Spencer Beach. It was SUPER nice! Perfect for kids. There was a park, nice beach, not too big waves… I got to swim some laps in the ocean and it was HEAVENLY!

For my birthday we made taco salads at the house and then the family surprised me with a huge chocolate ganache birthday cake from Costco and it was so so good. It took us three days to eat that huge cake. πŸ˜‰

What a great way to celebrate!