2010 in Photos


30th Birthday Party, January 2010
Snowshoeing in Bend, January 2010


Training! February 2010
Bike Crash, February 2010


Hiking in Seattle, March 2010
Shamrock 8k, March 2010


Training! Training! Training! April 2010


Reach the Beach Start, May 2010
Reach the Beach, May 2010


Hood River Anniversary, June 2010
Hood River, June 2010


Family Camping, July 2010
Brewfest! July 2010


Hood to Coast, August 2010


Photo Shoot, September 2010
Cooking Class, September 2010


Magazine Debut! October 2010
I Cooked a Whole Chicken! October 2010


My First Turbo Kick Class, November 2010
Our First Thanksgiving, November 2010


Lots of Family Time, Xmas 2010
Finally Got a Tree after 8 Years!

Happy New Year!

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    1. You are right! Having a blog makes it sooo much easier to find old photos and such. I was trying to remember what I even did back in March and lo and behold I had blog posts to remind me!

  1. I just did a post like this today as well – great minds and all that. Having a blog is so much better than just a photo album to review stuff.

    You definitely changed over the course of the year. πŸ˜€

  2. I love the snow shoe picture. You’ve reminded me I want to go again this year.

    Your cooking picture reminded me that after reading your blog about how great it was, I bought the husband and I lessons for his birthday and we still haven’t used them!

    It loos like you had a marvelous year. A Happiest 2011 to you!

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