Benefits of Indian Food

For lunch today I went to the Tao of Tea with a good friend. I’d never eaten there but I absolutely love their tea! The Jasmine Pearl is my favorite.

We got the edamame, dal with basmati rice, and miso flatbread with salad.

I absolutely love Indian food. I could eat it every day. Thankfully, it’s also a healthy way to eat! If you’re getting a craving for going out to dinner, skip the pizza joint or the Olive Garden and try a local Indian restaurant. Studies have shown a diet rich in the spices commonly found in Indian food can have these benefits:
*It may help arthritis
*Some of it is low in calories
*High fiber
*Indian recipes frequently use chickpeas and lentils (high in fiber and resistant starch)
*It can lower cholesterol and promote heart health.
*It’s super tasty!

Soybeans (edamame) also has the benefits:

* helps reduce risk of heart disease;
* improves bone health;
* reduce the effects of PMS;
* help reduce certain types of cancer.

Great article on the benefits of Indian food:

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