Brooks Ravenna Shoes

I officially LOVE my new Brooks Ravenna Shoes!

Brooks Ravenna Running

Today was the third time I’ve worn my new shoes and I am in love. They feel fantastic. I was concerned about the size 9 (I usually wear an 8.5 shoe). I thought it might be like running in clown shoes πŸ˜‰ but it really wasn’t. I didn’t feel awkward in them at all.

I felt faster in this shoes than I’ve ever felt in shoes. I felt light on my feet, fully supported and cushioned with every step.

They do not hurt my feet or legs at all. The Asics I tried made my shins and feet hurt the day after my run. So far, Brooks does not do that.

While my shoes felt fantastic and I felt fast and light on my feet, my run wasn’t that fast. I felt great the first mile or so. Around the second mile I started to get a really bad stomach cramp just underneath my breast/rib cage. It was not good. I walked for a minute to see if it would go away and then started to run again. Around that time, it started to rain a bit.

Rainy Day

Luckily it was a light drizzle and it actually felt kind of nice. My stomach cramp came back a little and walked again for about 45 seconds. I arrived at the Steel Bridge and saw that it was up temporarily.

Steel Bridge

I decided to run up and down the stairs while I waited for the bridge to open again:

The bridge opened again and I finished up my run.

I really love my new REI Running shorts as well. They fit great and feel good too.

New Running Gear

The Portland Rose Festival is coming up. That means the waterfront is transformed into a carnival:

Rose Festival

Rose Festival
Rose Festival

That also means the waterfront will soon be way too crowded to run. At least for awhile. I think that means I will be trying some new routes for awhile!

Today’s Stats:

Time: 35:04

Nike+ Pace: 9’56

Calories Burned: 422

QUESTION: Do you change your workout route or do the same one?

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  1. I always change up my workout route. Its good to add variation into any workout whether weight training, yoga, or even running…otherwise, your body will eventually just plateau.

  2. My workouts vary through the seasons, and what I’m working towards. For the last two months I’ve been back into running, since I’m training for my first 5k. In the summer I like to run, go for walks and hikes, and bike ride, while in the winter go snowshoeing and skiing.

  3. Glad your shoes work! I actually won a pair of shoes on a blog giveaway – I have one foot that is size 8 and the other is only 6 1/2, and yet they fit like a glove!

    Hooray for doing stairs while waiting – I probably would have just stood there!

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