Portland Saturday Market

Portland Saturday Market is much different than the Farmer’s Market. It’s mostly crafts, arts, clothes, etc. I took my mom to the Saturday Market after we explored the Farmer’s Market.

The Saturday Market is on the Waterfront downtown. Since it was Rose Festival weekend AND nice out, there were throngs of people everywhere. It was hard to walk and maneuver but we managed a leisurely stroll through the market.

Saturday Market

The Fleet was in, so there were some sailors enjoying the waterfront festivities as well. My mom made me take these pictures. 🙂

We did some shopping:

And I ran into a celebrity:

I also bought some jalapeno pistachios and smoked garlic! We headed home after checking out the ships and unpacked the day’s goodies.

The boys weren’t home from golfing yet, so mom and I played Scrabble…on a REAL board! Usually I just play online or Word with Friends on my iphone. 😉


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