Summer Bucket List


Everyone says that the wedding planning is going to get crazy closer to the date. Our date is mid-September. It has felt very abstract and far away to me. I don’t know if it was just because it was a long engagement but it didn’t really feel “real.” It still feels too far away and it’s about 3 months away.

So far the wedding planning has been okay. There were a few minor blips (basically I got annoyed at how overpriced everything was) but overall it’s been pretty easy going. There were even several months this year that I had absolutely nothing to do wedding-planning-wise. I felt a little lost–like, Shouldn’t I be doing something right now?

I really don’t want my summer to turn into stressful, crazy, bridezilla crap. I’d like to enjoy the summer and have fun with Bella. Expose her to some new things. I’m sure that no matter how much I fight against the whole bridezilla stereotype, some of it is bound to creep in. I know nothing is perfect and things will go wrong–but that’s why we have a wedding coordinator! I’m hoping they can deal with the messes.

So this summer I’m going to focus on relaxing, doing some fun little day trips with Michael and Bella; I’ve booked some fun weekend events with friends; and I really want to try some new things! A few of the things on my summer bucket list are things I vow to do every summer and then never do. I don’t know why–I guess things just get busy.

Summer Bucket List

1. Going kayaking somewhere here in Portland. 

I did this for the first time last summer when I was visiting a friend in Seattle. We went down to Puget Sound and borrowed a friend’s kayak and set out! It was hard work but exhilarating and really wanted to try it again when I got home…and then didn’t. I see Groupon specials periodically for kayaking tours here in Portland and I’m going to do it!

2. Go fishing. 

My dad brought down my fishing pole from when I was a kid last summer. Talking to a friend of mine she suggested a few local places that stock fish and are fun to go to. It would be so much fun if I actually caught something!

3. See a Shakespeare play in the park (they are free!).

4. Go to a movie in the park (also free!).

5. Take a day trip to the beach so Bella can play in the sand again.

Taking Bella to the beach for my birthday this year was a BLAST! It was crazy fun to see her rolling around in the sand. I’d really like to go back when the weather is a little nicer and warmer! It’s nice that it’s just a 90 minute drive from Portland. We don’t go nearly often enough.


6. Run my first 5k in years!

I’ve been training for months. I’m really excited for the 5k race in July that I signed up for with my friend Robyn. It will feel really good to run a race after such a long break. I’m trying not to put high expectations on myself and allow myself to walk if I need to. It’s not really about racing or time anymore–it’s just about being able to DO IT.

7. Hang out at Kelley Point Park so Bella can learn how to swim!

We discovered this park last year and wondered why it took us so long to visit. It’s a great park–humongous–and with a sandy beach. I’m really really looking forward to picnics and dipping in the river on hot days!


I think my list will be a good distraction from wedding “to do” lists. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited about the wedding. I’m just over the planning aspect! It’s been a lot of stuff. The next “big” thing I have to do is the invitations. They are all printed up and in a box awaiting addressing. The bridesmaids are coming over soon to help me address them. I’m actually really excited about that. I think it will be fun!

Do you have anything on your bucket list for this summer?

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  1. We have a trip to LA planned for July to visit a cousin I haven’t seen in 27 years – that should be a blast! And of course I want to be able to reintroduce running to my life after my physical therapy is done in a couple of weeks. Maybe I should try a 5k, too!

    But the thing I want to get done that I’ve been putting off for several years is getting a blog up and running. I’m hoping to enlist the help of my computer engineering son to get that going.

  2. Thanks for making your response date my birthday!!!! That’s easy to remember. Spoiler alert: we’re in. 🙂

  3. My ideal summer bucket list includes: hiking, camping, winery visits, a day at a lake, maybe a tubing trip, and picking berries. I will aim to do ONE of those this summer (the berries) and will keep the rest in mind for the fall/next year! As usual I have a bit too much going on to actually do many of those items, and when I actually have a free weekend I’m reluctant to jam in a car trip of any duration.

    This summer I WILL be doing lots of biking, I’m going to Ashland in a couple of weeks, to Nashville for a family reunion in July, and a friend is hosting a summer camp event for her birthday, so don’t cry for me, I’m doing some fun stuff along with all the Cycle Oregon training I’ll be doing!
    bethh recently posted..Busy weekend!

  4. Great list! I don’t have many plans for Summer except doing lots of long walks with Bella at the weekend. Seeing your plan for the beach: added that too. The “human” beaches don’t allow dogs during Summer but we have a doggie beach just 30 minutes from home. Will go there this Summer when the weather is good.

    As for learning your Bella to swim: she doesn’t have to learn that, it’s their instinct that they swim when they are in the water. Bella knew exactly what to do the first time she was in the water.
    Fran recently posted..Sunday June 15, 2014

  5. This is a great idea! I tried to have things on my to-do list (fun things!) that weren’t wedding-related, too, just for my sanity! And these are all fun, active things, which will make you feel like you’re still involved, rather than holed-up somewhere doing wedding crafts!

    I need a summer bucket list, too, as I have no idea right now what I’d like to do before summer’s over! I need to think about this!

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