A Rainy Monday

Today’s food is pretty plain. This morning I had Cream of Wheat for breakfast. I was running late (and I was hungover) so no picture.

My morning snack was a banana. It’s about 11:15 now and I’m starving. πŸ™ I hate when that happens! To curb my hunger pains, I had a glass of Crystal Lite peach iced tea.

Snack Time

Today is my rest day; partly because it’s gross outside and partly because I’m tired from last night’s festivities. It looks like the rain is here in Portland for another 10 days. Bummer!

Lunch today is a sandwich thin with light mayo, a little spicy mustard, and roast beef and a Fiber bar.


Breakfast: 234

AM Snack: 105

Lunch: 335

PM Snack: 80

I have no idea yet what is for dinner!

Lunch really hit the spot today. I went outside into the rain to go for a walk. Or try to. I walked a little bit and then found a parking garage with a ton of stairs! I decided to walk up and down the flight of stairs a few times to get my heart rate up (and it did!).

View from the Top

I walked by a pretty church and took a picture:

The rain was coming too hard by this point so I turned around.Β  I’m very ready to go home and get into jammies!

Have a good night! πŸ™‚

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