A New Running Toy

Yesterday I teased about my new running toy. I am excited to incorporate it into my regular stretching/foam rolling routine.

I bought a Calf Stretcher!

I received it on Thursday before I went to the pool and could hardly wait to try it out.

There are so many different ways we can totally EFF our bodies up. Not stretching is the most common. And something that I definitely need to be better at.

You can tell if you aren’t stretching enough. The obvious signs are tightness, soreness and pain when working those muscles. If something is painful, stop doing it and find out why.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about calf stretchers and how they are a MUST for runners–really, for anyone that works out.

  • It’s used to prevent AND treat plantar faciitis (inflammation of the tissue on the bottom of the foot).
  • It stretches the lower leg and foot.
  • It stretches the hamstrings and Achilles Tendon.
  • It can also treat lower back pain.
  • It can treat and prevent: ankle sprains, cramping calves, and hamstring pulls.
  • It improves lower extremity strength, balance, flexibility and stability.

The brochure recommends it for:

  • Swimmers
  • Runners
  • Football players
  • Recreational athletes
  • Gymnasts
  • Professional athletes

The brochure recommends that you wear tennis shoes/running shoes when using the Calf Stretcher. The above photos were taken when I first unwrapped the stretcher. I was too excited to try it!

The brochure also comes with a ton of exercises to stretch the various parts of your leg. I’m looking forward to reading them and trying them all. I hope to see an improvement in my legs. Here are the names of some exercise:

  1. Gastrocnemius or “Gastroc” Stretch: stretches the upper, bulky part of the calf that attaches to the knee.
  2. Soleus and Achilles Tendon Stretch: stretches the smaller of the two calf muscles which connects underneath the “gastroc” and attaches to the Achilles Tendon.
  3. Hamstring Stretch
  4. Plantar Fascia Stretch: stretches the connective tissue along the bottom of the foot.
  5. Anterior Tibialis Stretch: stretches the muscle found on the front of the lower leg.

Why don’t you stretch? I don’t do it nearly enough as I should because it’s slow. After a run, I’m amped up and it’s hard to sit still long enough to stretch. I’ve been doing much better lately!

Stretching increases the length of muscles and tendons–which improves flexibility and range of movement. This means limbs and joints can move farther which improves your performance. And reduces your risk of injuries!

Other benefits of stretching include:

  • Reduced muscle soreness after workouts
  • Improved posture
  • Reduction of lower back pain
  • Increase blood and nutrient flow to tissues throughout the body
  • Improved coordination

QUESTION: Do you use a Calf Stretcher? How does it make you feel and has it improved your flexibility?

Author: Lisa Eirene

About Lisa Eirene Lisa lost 110 pounds through calorie counting and exercise. She swims, bikes, runs, hikes and is enjoying life in Portland, Oregon. Her weight loss story has been featured in First Magazine, Yahoo Health, Woman's Day and Glamour.com.

9 thoughts on “A New Running Toy”

  1. I saw “calf-stretcher” an I immediately thought, “I NEED THAT!” I have been tormented by PF for the last few months and Iam *this close* to buying one of those $40 Strassburg socks that you sleep in. Maybe I should try this out first…

  2. Hi! I didn’t even know such a thing existed, but I’d like to try one–I have tendonitis in my calves and a good stretch is marvelous…

    Just wanted to say how inspiring your blog is!! I’m on a 120-lb weight loss journey, and I’m down 26 of that. Thanks so much for sharing this!! You look great!

  3. That looks cool. I know I don’t stretch as much as I should, mainly because I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing before and after a workout.
    If you ever decide to do a post on stretching (i.e what types of stretching we should be doing and when), it would be much appreciated!

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