Logan 2.5

Gosh, it’s hard to look at my big boy now and think he was ever this tiny:

I miss those cuddly days! He’s such a big boy now. I mean check this out:

The above photo is his most recent school photo from daycare. I am so glad I got the picture this year. I skipped it last year and regretted it. He looks like such a big kid all of a sudden!

He recently turned 2.5. He’s been growing and learning in leaps and bounds. He’s taller and thinner now. His little baby chubs are starting to disappear (boo). He loves running and climbing and laughing.

This week Logan is moving up to the next room at daycare. When they turn 2.5 they move from the toddler room to the interim room before preschool. It’s basically for 6 months and they focus on structure and potty training. So in a few weeks he will be starting potty training at daycare. I am both excited and terrified of what this means. LOL Especially considering how stubborn my kiddo is…

Logan loves to talk and he talks a lot. It seemed to happen overnight. He went from saying single words to saying sentences and repeating everything we say and actually understanding and remembering stuff. Sometimes he’d say things that just shocked us, too. He surprised us one day by counting to 10 out of the blue! Wow!

The above photo is Logan giving the trees in our neighborhood hugs while we went for a walk.

He’s always been a ham, and he still is. He is the goofiest kiddo and he is really learning how to be funny as a toddler, too.

He has recently discovered movies. Before, he never sat still long enough to do much of anything–he was always running around and playing. Now he is able to focus longer and sit still and actually watch (most of) a movie. His FAVORITE movie is the Lion King. (He didn’t like Aladdin or the Little Mermaid.) He can watch Lion King on a loop. I have no idea why that is his favorite movie but he’s seriously obsessed.

And I can’t take one more viewing. LOL

This weekend I took Logan to Liepold Farms in Boring, Oregon to check out the pumpkin patch. It was a quick visit. He loved playing in the little kid’s section and then running around the farm.

He didn’t quite understand the concept of pumpkins yet…but this month at daycare in his new room they are learning about Halloween and pumpkins! I imagine next year will be super fun for him.

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  1. Aristocats movie
    My now 20 year old watched it every afternoon. Rest time when she stopped taking naps. She still loves it, occasionally, but watches it in Spanish. No one else at my house can stand that movie to this day, from her watching it too much.

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